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These 4 Cryptocurrencies Are Waiting To Explode; Should You Invest In Them For The Long Run?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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3 options

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You’re probably thinking of starting a cryptocurrency portfolio now that the market has begun to rebound. But with approximately 22,000 coins available, how can you know which ones would be the most profitable to invest in? How can you tell which digital currencies are the best bets right now?

By analyzing the market and creating a small list of promising cryptos you should purchase now and reap its benefits in the long term, our analysts set out to answer these concerns and help you make the best investment decision possible.

These 4 currencies are listed below which are worth investing in for the long run.

Calvaria (RIA)

This fascinating platform for play-to-earn gaming offers investors the chance to get in at the low price of $0.01 per token during the presale period. The price of the token RAI goes up after each round of sales, just like the prices of Dash 2 Trade and IMPT presales. Therefore, the early investors can look forward to exponential profits by investing in this token now.

Calvaria Presale

The RAI ERC-20 token is the system money in the games that make up the Calvaria ecosystem. It’s a marketplace where players may buy and trade virtual items and NFTs. When you play the Calvaria game, you may earn RAI, the in-game cryptocurrency, just by doing so.

The gameplay is modeled like a traditional card game of fantasy combat. Card games can be played with NFT-backed cards, which players will be in possession of. The odds of turning you’re the tables in your favor as opposed to other players increase with the rarity and quality of the chosen combat card.

In addition, the Calvaria marketplace is a great place to trade or sell your battle cards with other players. The play-to-earn gaming industry has been expanding at a rapid rate in recent years for a number of reasons, including the fact that it provides gamers with a more just and open environment in which to compete for prizes.

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

When considering a long-term investment, Dash 2 Trade is indeed the ideal option. The Dash 2 Trade analytics platform’s original digital asset, the D2T token, is currently available for purchase for as little as $0.05. This is due to the fact that a very successful presale campaign is now being run to sell D2T tokens.

Dash 2 Trade

The presale has so far brought in almost $2 million, considering the fact that it started just a few days ago. Within a few weeks, it’s probable that this token will hit the hard cap. Nonetheless, the cost of buying D2T tokens during the presale will rise with each new offering, so it’s best to get in at the beginning to receive the best deal.

D2T tokens have utility on the Dash 2 Trade marketplace because they grant users access to all of the site’s functionalities. After having access to the platform since its alpha release, experts attest that Dash 2 Trade provides a wealth of resources and information that just isn’t available through open-source analytics tools.

The dashboard provides an analysis of social indicators. It does this by looking at the most popular social media sites, like Reddit and Twitter to name a few, to see which currencies are trending and if this gives a good trading opportunity. The technology also offers on-chain analytics, including the tracking of whale activity and the identification of smart money.

You may also participate in trading tournaments on Dash 2 Trade, with the winners receiving a bonus supply of D2T tokens. The website also offers accurate trading signals to its users. Every alert specifies the cryptocurrency, whether investors should invest for the long term or short term, and the ideal timing for entry. In addition to a signal, traders receive risk management instructions such as stop-loss and among other instructions.

Most importantly, D2T tokens have a real-world application, thus there’s every reason to believe this project will provide a healthy return on investment. Also, Dash 2 Trade is offering a prize of D2T tokens worth $150k to one fortunate winner.

If you want in on the giveaway, you better have at least $150 worth of D2T tokens. Free entries are also available for subscribing and retweeting Dash 2 Trade’s social media accounts, among other activities.


The IMPT coin joins this group of intriguing presale tokens. Like Dash 2 Trade, IMPT is providing discounted rates for its own digital currencies. Each IMPT coin purchased by early investors will only cost them $0.018. But after the initial tokens sold in the presale have been purchased, the IMPT will rise to $0.023 per token. The developments of this token indicate that when you invest earlier than others, the return on that investment is always better.


After that, Investors can use IMPT to bet on carbon credits, for instance, a spike in worldwide pricing for these credits could be represented in the token’s value. Although typical OTC markets are inaccessible to individual traders, many institutional investors are watching this token very closely.

Therefore, anyone can use the IMPT carbon credit system. In addition, IMPT will make it possible for companies of any size to acquire extra carbon credits. After all, businesses have annual emission quotas that must be adhered to. If a business needs more carbon credits than it is allotted each year, it may easily purchase them from IMPT.

Investors may participate in the IMPT presale by exchanging ETH or USDT tokens for IMPT tokens at a price of $0.05 per token. When the presale is over, IMPT will be listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges.


Finally, Tamadoge is another long-term investment-worthy play-to-earn cryptocurrency. The TAMA token, the platform’s native cryptocurrency, is one of the year’s top performers. To put this in perspective, Tamadoge just finished its presale campaign, during which it raised over $19 million, a few weeks ago, making this achievement unique.

Buy Tamadoge

As soon as it was launched on the OKX platform, TAMA was given a price of $0.02. After only seven days, TAMA’s share price surpassed $0.20. This exemplifies the fact that there are cryptocurrencies, like TAMA, which are performing exceptionally well and capable of earning profits of 10x or more even during times of a bear market.

As of this writing, TAMA tokens are going at $0.02. This marks the beginning of a market correction. This is an 85% drop off the earlier all-time high, making it a far more affordable point of entry. In addition, TAMA tokens provide long-term speculators with a large potential reward, since their current market cap is $24.27 million.

In order to participate in the Tamadoge game, users must first link the wallets and mint fresh NFTs. The user of this NFT will be the proud owner of a one-of-a-kind digital Tamadoge. In order to participate in Tamadoge combat and gain play-to-earn incentives in the form of TAMA tokens, users will need to nurture and nourish their dogs.

Final Word

For those with the patience to wait, we have evaluated and selected the top cryptocurrencies to buy right now that have a high probability of returning 100x your initial investment. Assuming the larger markets recover, investing in these crypto assets might be profitable.

In the meanwhile, traders can continue to stock up on similar digital currencies and make the best investing decisions of their lives. The Dash 2 Trade presale stands out as a great opportunity to buy D2T tokens at a once-in-a-lifetime discount. It’s now at $0.05 per token at the time of this writing. As soon as the current batch of tokens is sold, the D2T presale price will rise and continue to soar. 

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