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The Top 3 ICOs to Buy in October 2023 – Bitcoin Minetrix, TG.Casino, and Meme Kombat

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

The Top 3 ICOs To Buy In October 2023 Bitcoin Minetrix, TG.Casino, And Meme Kombat
The Top 3 ICOs To Buy In October 2023 Bitcoin Minetrix, TG.Casino, And Meme Kombat

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The YouTube channel has recently reviewed three trending coins in presales, each showing significant potential to yield high returns for investors.

In October 2023, the crypto scene is teeming with anticipation as investors actively seek the next major opportunity, whether it’s memecoins or Initial Coin Offerings, captivated by the allure of substantial returns within this dynamic space.

Three altcoins to invest in before the next crypto market surge

New investments are coming into the cryptocurrency market, and this could lead to a surge in valuable cryptocurrencies and promising presale tokens.

These top three picks are worth considering for purchase because of their strong potential, which showcases their ability to align with the market. If you’re looking for other investment opportunities, check out our list of the top crypto ICOs to consider.


The GambleFi sector, combining gambling and decentralized finance, is gaining traction in the cryptocurrency market and could become a top performer in the next bull run, according to experts. TG.Casino’s presale phase for $TGC, a GambleFi project, is attracting early investors seeking high profits.

This presale has gained attention due to its unique platform, which offers crypto casino and betting services on Telegram without KYC requirements. With profitable staking rewards and bonuses, it raised over $1.3 million in three weeks, selling out its initial stage.

$TGC’s current price is $0.125, but it’s expected to rise as the second ICO stage ends in just 1 hour. The projected value of the online gambling sector is estimated to reach $150 billion by the year 2030. However, concerns about the safety and fairness of online gambling have driven the popularity of crypto casinos and betting platforms.

They use blockchain technology, known for its transparency and security. The problem is that some people are not familiar with this technology, making it hard for them to get started. TG.Casino has a solution: it works with Telegram, a popular app with many crypto enthusiasts.

They’ve made it easy to use, and it’s very safe due to Telegram’s security features and regular checks on how things work. After a recent million-dollar hack on, people are becoming increasingly concerned about security.

TG.Casino is committed to providing a secure platform and even holds a license to demonstrate its commitment, which you can verify on its website. The TGC token is designed to gain value and has several features that help with that.

One key feature is the Buy and Burn system, where the crypto casino uses its earnings to buy back and burn 40% of TGC tokens, making them scarcer. The remaining 60% of tokens are given as rewards for staking, offering a high APY, encouraging people to keep them for a long time, and preventing price manipulation.

Stakers get bonuses, exclusive game access, and a 25% cashback on losses, making the token more desirable. TG Casino offers many games, sports betting, live events, and attractive bonuses, making it a popular online gambling platform.

Because of this, the $TG.Casino presale is attracting a lot of attention and investments from some of the well-known traders who believe the token’s price could increase by 10x after it’s launched. Check out our TG.Casino price prediction post.

Bitcoin Minetrix

Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX) is a unique cryptocurrency project aiming to make Bitcoin mining more accessible. It operates on the “Stake-to-Mine” concept, where tokens are staked to earn mining credits. These credits are then used to mine Bitcoin in the cloud, eliminating the need for specialized equipment.

Mining Bitcoin on one’s own is becoming more challenging, but BTCMTX’s approach seems to address this issue. Currently in its presale phase, BTCMTX has raised an impressive $1,937,088 million in just one month, with BTCMTX tokens available for an affordable amount of $0.0111 each.

This has garnered significant interest from global investors, mainly due to the potential listing of BTCMTX on major exchanges after the presale. BTCMTX is also gaining attention from some crypto influencers and analysts, indicating strong community interest.

Additionally, the project’s X account and Telegram channel are experiencing substantial growth, hinting at a promising launch.

With its ambitious vision and exciting potential applications, BTCMTX may follow in the footsteps of successful cryptocurrencies and provide substantial opportunities for investors by the end of 2023. You can participate in the $BTCMTX presale by visiting

Meme Kombat

Meme Kombat distinguishes itself from typical meme coins by offering a play-to-earn game and providing token holders with the opportunity to earn in-game tokens and real-world rewards.

Powered by blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, the Meme Kombat Battle Arena features battles between popular meme coin characters like SpongeBob, Pepe, Doge, and Wojak, all brought to life through AI. The blockchain ensures transparent and equitable results, guaranteeing that winners receive immediate payouts in tokens.

The Battle Arena encompasses a variety of betting options, including direct betting, player vs. player, and player vs. game, introducing depth and strategy to the gameplay. Additionally, it offers general and high-stakes battles, season-long trends, unique in-game events, and side-action bets.

The game will continually evolve, introducing fresh characters and features as new seasons unfold. The presale for Meme Kombat is currently in progress and has garnered significant attention from crypto influencers and analysts.

The development team, which is open to the public, has made 60 million MK tokens available for presale buyers at a fixed price of $0.1667. These tokens have allocations for staking and battle rewards, community rewards, and decentralized exchange liquidity.

Notably, there is no allocation for the team. Buyers have the opportunity to stake tokens instantly and earn an annual yield percentage (APY) of 112%. MK tokens can be purchased using ETH, BNB, or USDT, with a minimum purchase amount of $10.

You can participate in the $MK presale by visiting


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