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Terra LUNA’s Market View: Prepping For A 63% Step Upward

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Terra LUNA's Market View: Prepping For A 63% Step Upward
Terra LUNA's Market View: Prepping For A 63% Step Upward

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Terra Luna’s current Price is about $0.4764, and there have been trades of around 3.42 million in the last day. Trading slowed by more than 28%, and LUNA’s Price dropped by about 3.5%.

Last week, LUNA’s Price went down by about 15%, and in the past month, it went down even more, around 34%. Traders and investors see this drop as a chance to buy at a lower price and maybe make good money when it goes up again.

Investors and traders are keeping an eye on the LUNA market. This article will discuss how LUNA might do in the next few weeks.

Terra Luna (LUNA) Statistics:

  • LUNA’s Price – $0.4764
  • LUNA Market cap – $39.95 Million
  • LUNA Circulating supply – 350,174,574 LUNA
  • LUNA Total supply – 1,004,262,701 LUNA
  • LUNA Coinmarketcap ranking – 150
Terra LUNA's Market View: Prepping For A 63% Step Upward
Source: CoinMarketCap

Terra Luna’s Path: Watching Support and Resistance Levels

Take a look at the daily chart for important information. LUNA’s Price could reach a support point at $0.4665. If that happens, the Price might go down. But if it stays above that point, there’s a chance it could reach a higher level at $0.7304 or even more.

Terra LUNA's Market View: Prepping For A 63% Step Upward
Source: TradingView Daily Chart

Remember these critical levels on the chart: there might be a stopping point at $0.7304 and $0.9491, and there’s a chance the Price could find support around $0.4665.

If the Price stays low for 30 to 50 days in the next few days, it could go down more, maybe reaching $0.4665 or even lower.

LUNA’s RSI is around 30, which could mean the price might increase more soon. The moving averages and RSI indicators suggest the LUNA price might go higher. Watch out for the R1 resistance level at $0.07304; if it breaks, the Price could go up by a lot, maybe even 63% or more, in the long run.

Promising Alternative to Terra Luna (LUNA)

Meet Sonik Coin, the new meme coin cryptocurrency that wants to be the fastest to hit a $100 million market value. Just like Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonik is a particular meme coin. You can earn rewards by putting your coins in its particular smart contract.

Sonik’s Potential: A Guide to Investing and Growing with a Unique Crypto

The Sonik project rewards people who own it with an excellent yearly percentage. This helps make $SONIK successful. It’s the first crypto where you can get faster by putting in your coins!

You can start putting in your coins and getting rewards now. They set aside 40% of all the tokens for people who put in their coins, and they’ll give these rewards for four years.

Over 90 million $SONIK tokens have been put in, and people are getting a lot back, like 26,648% as of August 17. This number might go down as more people put in their coins.

Sonik Coin only wants to raise $2 million, which might sell out fast. Get ready to join and have fun while maybe getting rewards!

Sonik could do well if people put their coins in, which might make more people want to buy them. When it’s on Uniswap, having fewer sales might make buyers feel better.

But don’t wait too long if you want to invest. The presale might be gone in two weeks or even sooner. They raised about $77,000 in the presale.

To stay in the loop about Sonik news and be the first to know when it starts, follow them on Twitter and join their Telegram group.

Sonik is cool because a famous game character inspires it, and its funny memes make it even more fun. The website has funny characters that show how creative people can be with Sonik and his friends.

We don’t know how much Sonik will be worth, but acting fast is essential to make money. It wants to be fun and make you money, like Pepe Coin.

Just $0.000014 could turn into $50,000 or even $100,000 if Sonik gets 50 or 100 times more valuable.

There are about 300 billion tokens, which are linked to the speed of light. Even a YouTube expert, Jacob Crypto Bury, thinks $SONIK could get 10 times more valuable.

Though not officially affiliated with Sega’s Sonic character, Sonik could gain popularity in Asia due to its connection to Sonic’s creators in Japan. People who like crypto in Japan and other Asian countries might find it interesting.

The Sonik website will soon have Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean translations for these people. Asia has a lot of crypto fans, so it’s an excellent place for Sonik to grow.

When you’re thinking about investing in a presale project, security is essential. Sonik differs from many meme coins because it takes security seriously and has checked its smart contract.

The report about this check will be on the website soon for everyone to read. Sonik’s presale is set up somewhat, with 50% of the tokens for sale to everyone, 40% for people who put in their coins, and 10% for making it easy to buy and sell.

After the presale, you can buy Sonik on Uniswap DEX. You’ll need ETH or USDT to do this. Ensure your wallet is connected to the Sonik website when you buy, but don’t wait too long!


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