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Pepe Coin’s Huge 18% Rally Raises Eyebrows – Experts Recommend Another Gem

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Pepe Coin's Huge 18% Rally Raises Eyebrows – Experts Recommend Another Gem
Pepe Coin's Huge 18% Rally Raises Eyebrows – Experts Recommend Another Gem

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The meme coin mania seems still alive and well, as evidenced by Pepe Coin’s recent 17% rally. But as this meme coin moves on the price chart according to the community’s mood, experts recommend another crypto gem to invest in – yPredict.

AI crypto powering an all-in-one AI ecosystem, yPredict, has raised eyebrows by raising $3.4 million during its presale. Interested parties can visit to participate.

Pepe Coin Goes Up By 18% on Weekly Charts.

Pepe Coin, the token that brought about the meme coin mania in April 2023, has once again achieved a parabolic high. Weekly charts show a 17% increase.

Pepe Coin up by 18%

Daily charts show that the token has experienced a 6.7% increase. At 5:16 am EST, Pepe coin was trading at $0.0000013. The token’s market capitalization is $524 million, and there has been a 4% surge in its trading volume, which now stands at $78.2 million.

What is the reason behind this rally?

Pepe Coin Introduces New Image for Memecoin 

Pepe coin has recently updated its image on tokens on @etherescan and DexTools. CoinMarketCap has also updated the image.

The logo upgrade is likely one of the reasons behind Pepe Coin’s recent surge.

While Pepe’s devs were excited about this announcement a few hours ago, most in the community were puzzled, saying they couldn’t see the difference between the old and the new image. One user named Oxford Yazuka stated that this seems to be old news.

Others are bullish about these changes, saying that it aligns with the progress that Pepe promised when it first arrived in April 2023.

Pepe Whale Buys $1.6 Million Worth of Pepe.

Another reason behind the surge could be the mysterious investor, who, according to Crypto Basic, has bought $1.61 million worth of Pepe in the last 24 hours.

New Pepe Whale

The new Pepe whale went on an aggressive Pepe buying frenzy three times. The first purchase was worth $1.50, but the latter two were worth $608k and $1 million.

Pepe Coin Price Analysis 

Pepe’s recent rally continues the bounce it experienced after it dropped to $0.00000106 on August 7th. The token has been moving up since then.

In the last five days, there has been a 29.37% increase in Pepe’s price. These green candles also showed a gravestone Doji on August 12th, but the recent bullish price action has proven that bearish indicator wrong.

Pepe coin price analysis August 12th

From a technical perspective, Pepe coin has wicked above its 21-day moving average today. If no red candles emerge in the coming days, the 21-day MA will likely act as its psychological support.

However, a middle-level RSI and negative MACD indicate that a bearish breakdown might be coming for this asset soon.

Due to these uncertainties, investing in assets with better upsides is better.

yPredict – A Better Alternative to Pepe Coin

yPredict is an AI crypto rapidly moving to close its current presale stage and has already raised over $3.4 million. This unique project is an all-in-one AI ecosystem providing everything from AI signals and sentimental analysis to AI-powered technical analysis and chart pattern recognition to users from and outside the cryptocurrency space.

yPredict presale raises $3.4 million

The project’s growing repertoire of AI-driven crypto products is meant to serve different industries, including finance, health, and human resource.

It has recently introduced a new AI-driven project for SEO specialists – a Backlink Estimator. This product predicts the backlink count of a web page while also providing info such as authority metrics.

Like ChatGPT, yPredict is coming with its rendition of an AI-driven content solution and editor known as yPredict editor.

While these developments have attracted customers, yPredict has also warned of the emergence of many bad actors. Recently, it posted on X that many scammers are copying yPredict’s social media handle without authorization.

Scammers might also try to phish out an investor’s details by providing false links. That is why those who want to participate must only use


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