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Tamadoge Promotion Launched With $1 Million Prizepool

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Top 10 Crypto Gainers This Week
Top 10 Crypto Gainers This Week

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After running one of the biggest presale campaigns of 2022, Tamadoge is finally listed on OKX. And with it, the larger crypto community has a chance to glance at what’s in store for this memecoin. But it doesn’t seem like the perks are over. Two days ago, the Tamadoge promotion launched a $1 million prize pool, from which crypto enthusiasts can get $10. What are the rules for entering the prize pool?

Complete All the Tasks and Claim Price

The process of entering the competition is easy. Since it is a promotion, there is not much leg work to be done.

Sign Up for OKX Cryptocurrency exchange

The first step is to sign up for the OKX exchange. You can click the link given below to do so. Once you have signed up, complete the KYC process level.

There are three levels of the KYC process. The first level consists of providing your personal details. That is, you must provide your email address and verify your contact information. You must also upload your documents if you want to Trade on OKX CEX.

As a bonus, clicking on this link and logging on to the website with the mobile app will give you a mystery box with rewards worth up to $10,000.

Search and Buy TAMA

Once you have logged in on the website, search for TAMA and buy TAMA/USDT. Don’t worry about how much you need to trade. You can claim the price even if you buy a minor number of Tamadoge tokens. Once you complete the transaction, note down the transaction ID. Better yet, take a screenshot of the same.

Enter the Transaction Address to Claim the Prize

Once the transaction is complete and you have the transaction ID, you enter the OKX/USDT TRC 20 address to claim the $10 prize.

Register on OKX to buy Tamadoge

How to enter the Competition?

To increase your chances of claiming $10 from the $10 million prize pool, complete the following steps. Every step is worth one point.

  1. Follow the official Twitter handle of Tamadoge coin.
  2. Retweet the post highlighting this promotional event on Twitter.
  3. Highlight that OKX has been listed on Twitter. Use the tweet we have provided above to find out which one.
  4. Join the official telegram channel of Tamadoge.
  5. Attach the proof that you have traded $TAMA on OKX
  6. Attack the proof of completing the KYC on OKX
  7. Go to CoinMarketCap, add Tamadoge to your watchlist and leave a comment.

More about Tamadoge

The bear market made people realize novelty tokens aren’t going to be enough. As the Terra crash happened, investors started to get paranoid about their holdings. Bitcoin plunged and, to this date, has failed to stay above the $20k level. And post-merge Ethereum is as volatile as ever.

Tamadoge arrived shortly after Bitcoin had hit the 2022 bear bottom. It had a lot of things working against it. But that was until the presale arrived. With bullish marketing efforts and a unique spin on memecoin, Tamadoge started winning hearts.

Tamadoge is a Play-to-earn cryptocurrency that is a “memecoin” in name only. As Tamadoge’s head of marketing Carl says, “It is a memecoin but we take it seriously”. This deflationary cryptocurrency has many positives working in its favor from the start.

Doge Aesthetics

The token’s ticker symbol takes inspiration from Dogecoin, the #1 memecoin in the world. So, the marketability factor is right there.

Deflationary cryptocurrency

Tamadoge is a deflationary cryptocurrency. A small amount of tokens from each transaction is burnt to reduce the TAMA tokens supply.

Tamadoge Pets

Tamadoge Pets lie at the heart of the Tamadoge ecosystem. These are NFTs that players own and then raise, customize and put to battle within a PVE environment to earn Dogepoints. Unlike the “ideal” gameplay of most crypto games, Tamadoge Pets are here to foster a more robust gameplay environment that increases crypto gaming adoption.

These factors and constant engagement with the community allowed Tamadoge to meet its presale target within two months, making it a better crypto ICO launch than Ethereum.


The developers of Tamadoge are hard at work to create Tamaverse, a metaverse for Tamadoge Pets 3D versions of the pets will reside. An Augmented Reality game is also coming next year.

Tamadoge Listed on OKX

As soon as the Tamadoge completed its presale, it announced that a new CEX listing was coming. People were initially waiting for Lbank and Uniswap listing since the buzz was going on. However, a crypto exchange that ranks 7th in the world by market capitalization rushed to list Tamadoge, and on September 27Th, 2022, the TAMA/USDT pair was available on the platform.

OKX Listing had an extremely positive impact on the Tamadoge price as it experienced an upswing by a massive 89% after listing. While there has been some correction in its price, it hasn’t been that significant and is following the trend of the entire crypto market.

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