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Revolutionary Meme Coin Gets Listed on OKX: Gains Incoming

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Revolutionary Meme Coin Gets Listed on OKX
Revolutionary Meme Coin Gets Listed on OKX

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Tamadoge was listed on the crypto exchange OKX on 27th September 2022. It started trading at 11:00 AM UTC.

The revolutionary memecoin has undertaken a spree of initiatives recently that has enabled it to become one of the leading cryptocurrencies of its kind. After its listing, Tamadoge jumped 89% to $0.0567, with investors already booking their profits.

Coming from a recently successfully concluded presale, Tamadoge has been able to pave its path towards becoming the next big thing when it comes to meme coins.

Why is everyone Bullish About Tamadoge?

Tamadoge has filled the void that was left open by the other meme coins- utility. The revolutionary cryptocurrency stepped into the crypto markets by planning to combine the functionality of a cryptocurrency with the hype and peaking gains of meme coins.

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TAMA, the native token of Tamadoge was available for sale on presale for as low as $0.01. Since then, the coin has risen in value ever since, and finally launched its initial exchange offering or IEO on the OKX exchange. Tamadoge, essentially, allows players to breed their own pets within the ecosystem. The players can battle these pets to earn more tokens as they move up their leaderboard.

Another thing that makes Tamadoge a strong contender is its focus on building a community. The project founders regularly keep their community engaged by organizing giveaways and other contests.

As things stand from a consumer’s point of view, Tamadoge’s investors benefitted from the no vesting period policy, which meant ICO participants were able to sell on the launch day without getting their tokens locked. Apart from this, Tamadoge has no transaction tax involved, which makes it even more lucrative for investors.

Bearish Market Conditions

The overall bearish market conditions did turn out to be a hurdle for Tamadoge’s listing on the platform for some time due to a Bitcoin correction.

After an initial spike, the price for TAMA dropped to $0.017 and then bounced up. As of writing, the cryptocurrency reached a 24h high of $0.03093. The cryptocurrency still runs in green even though the crypto market faces bearish conditions due to geo-political tensions sprouting up related to the NordStream pipeline.

The OKX Listing: A Great Move?

Beating the bearish clouds hovering over the crypto markets, Tamadoge’s decision to host an Initial Exchange Offering can be a strategically well-placed decision.

Buy Tamadoge on OKX

OKX is one of the 20 largest crypto exchanges in the world, with over $1.6 billion in trading volume daily. With over 20 million registered users on the platform from 100 countries, it is the perfect starting point for Tamadoge, to begin with. The large pool of potential investors along with TAMA’s astounding success can pave the way for it to become a prominent figure in the industry quite soon.

After being listed on the platform, the cryptocurrency experienced a bullish run, with the trading volume reaching 7 million USDT, within hours of the first-day trading.

Another thing that makes the OKX listing even special is its popularity in the crypto exchange business. The platform hosts both, decentralized and centralized exchanges along with a long list of financial services such as savings accounts, and high-yield staking amongst others.

OKX is usually known for its easy-to-use interface and its focus on helping new crypto users get acquainted with the industry..

100x Returns Ahead Possible For Tamadoge?

Tamadoge is an anomaly in itself. Its presale started right in the middle of crypto winter and even then was able to garner a generous amount of response from potential investors and buyers.

It managed to catch the attention of every investor around. The robust technology and the added functionalities have made many investors call it the “best crypto in 2022”. Industry experts are not shying away from mentioning that TAMA holders might even expect 100x returns.

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What’s Ahead for Tamadoge?

Tamadoge has been able to secure its presence by proving its utility and creating just the right amount of hype around itself. However, the future plans for cryptocurrency look even more exciting.

tamadoge roadmap

The platform is planning to launch its play to earn features P2E in Q4 of 2022. This would enable Tamadoge to further expedite its community engagement efforts by hosting regular giveaways and events. This essentially means that the users will be enabled to mint their Doges as NFTs and battle them to win TAMA tokens, which can further be utilized within the platform’s store for purchasing items.

2023 will be more of an expansion year for Tamadoge. As mentioned in its Whitepaper, the team might start looking into metaverse integrations early during the year. This is to be followed by a slew of arcade games and an augmented reality app further during the year, which will allow users to play with their pets.

Tamadoge is being led by a long list of experienced professionals from this space Their vision is to be able to gain the confidence of the investors. Instead of a traditional meme coin hype, Tamadoge is looking at the real side of functionality. People like Thomas Seabrook, the lead game developer at Tamadoge hold extensive experience and are closely working on this project.


Tamadoge has been making headlines since its presale days and even before that. Entering a space that usually has a different perception, and trying to change it completely is a big challenge in itself, let alone succeeding in it.

The cryptocurrency currently holds the capability of dethroning SHIBA and DOGE and is consistently working towards a better future.

As Tamadoge got listed, it certainly will be noticed by many and might as well be acquired by crypto whales in large numbers. While it is always essential to conduct due diligence, Tamadoge has been on a robust bull run since its inception, and many expect it to continue in the coming years.

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