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Tamadoge is heading to its $8.5 million Presale stage fast – Price Rise Coming Soon

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Tamadoge is heading to its $8.5 million presale stage
Tamadoge is heading to its $8.5 million presale stage

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Tamadoge is heading to its $8.5 million target fast. The memecoin has shown no signs of slowing down after hitting the beta phase of its presale. And now, it is lying at its fifth milestone.

Tamadoge is one Of the Most successful Presales of this Year

Tamadoge arrived sporting its doge aesthetics – but with a twist. Instead of relying on market hype or celebrity mentions, it put forth a unique utility. That is, providing a play-to-earn platform for the players.

Players can buy Tamadoge Pets, NFTs that lie at the heart of the Tamadoge ecosystem. They can then raise them, take care of them, and breed them. And once these puppies grow big, players can pit them against other pets in a PVP (Players Vs. Player) or a PvE (Player vs. Environment) environment.

Fighting battles will let players earn Dogepoints. Tamadoge will then tally the total number of Dogepoints at the end of each month – rewarding the players with TAMA with the most points.

This unique play-to-earn aspect that combines augmented reality is set to redefine gaming in the blockchain ecosystem. It became the driving force behind the crypto, gaining many points during the phases of its presale.

Tamadoge Presale Stages:

Tamadoge went ahead with its presale – offering 1 billion of its total supply of 2 billion TAMA tokens:

There are 9 presale stages in total, and below are the details of the same:

Beta Presale stage 1 / 200M: 1 USDT – 100 TAMA! Price 0.01000 = 2M$

Presale stage 2 / 100M : 1 USDT – 80 TAMA! Price 0.01250 = 3.25M$ (+1.25M$)

Presale stage 3 / 100M : 1 USDT – 66.67 TAMA! Price 0.01500 = 4.75M$ (+1.5M$)

Presale stage 4 / 100M : 1 USDT – 57.14 TAMA! Price 0.01750 = 6.5M$ (+1.75M$)

Presale stage 5 / 100M :1 USDT – 50 TAMA! Price 0.02000 = 8.5M$ (+2M$)

Presale stage 6 / 100M :1 USDT – 44.44 TAMA! Price 0.02250 = 10.75M$ (+2.25M$)

Presale stage 7 / 100M :1 USDT – 40 TAMA! Price 0.02500 = 13.25M$ (+2.5M$)

Presale stage 8 / 100M :1 USDT – 36.36 TAMA! Price 0.02750 = 16M$ (+2.75M$)

Presale stage 9 / 100M :1 USDT – 33.33 TAMA! Price 0.03000 19M$ (+3M$)

Buy TAMA before the 7th Presale Stage

Tamadoge has raised upwards of $8.2 million at the time of writing – marking that it is heading fast towards the sixth phase of its presale.

When Tamadoge crosses that threshold, the price of TAMA tokens will rise once again to users will get only 40 USDT for 1 TAMA.

Why is Tamadoge clearing the Presale stages so fast?

Is it marketing, hype, or the fact that it is one of the best metaverse cryptos to date? The crowd attributes many reasons behind Tamadoge’s bombastic success. Let us clear those reasons up by listing the five basic reasons behind this token’s success.

It is a Memecoin

Tamadoge is meme-aesthetics that the internal is ready to grab because those 2D doges that you can see on the official website are quite cute. Memecoins have historically made massive gains as soon as a celebrity (namely Elon Musk) voiced support behind them. Dogecoin has rallied by 100% to 250% percent whenever Elon Musk came forward to voice his support. While the same hasn’t happened yet with Dogecoin, there is always hope.

It is a Play-to-earn cryptocurrency with a focus on Gameplay

Play-to-earn is the lowest hanging fruit – the most obvious utility that can be given to cryptocurrencies. And Tamadoge is trying to do it with style. That is, unlike Axie Infinity, which has all the earnings but lacks in terms of gameplay, Tamadoge’s philosophy is to give fun gameplay to players. You can pet your Tamadoge Pet NFT and use it for battle in an AR environment. Think of it like Pokemon Go, but in addition to giving you walking cardio, it also gives you earnings.

It is also a Metaverse crypto

Tamadoge is not satisfied with only being P2E crypto. The dev team behind it is preparing to enter the metaverse as well. There are plans to first create 3D models of each pet and introduce them in existing metaverses like Decentraland and Sandbox. But the team is also working hard to create a Tamaverse.

It is a deflationary Token

A deflationary token is whose supply is reduced with time. Tamadoge is the same, but its burn mechanics is unique – after every purchase, 5% of the supply is burned. That will increase the tokens’ rarity and price.

No taxes

Generally, cryptocurrency transactions come with taxes to maintain the ecosystem and such. But Tamadoge doesn’t want to step into it that much. It completely believes in its ecosystem to generate capital and has put any tax.

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And there is also a fifth reason – the Ethereum Merge. When Ethereum’s latest update launches in September, Tamadoge will be one of the newest cryptos to exist on that blockchain. And as the crowd is already bullish about the update – as evident from them rallying behind ETH as soon as there is even a speck of news about it – we can expect the ETH price to boost later.

It is because of these reasons that Tamadoge is rising so fast. It is more than halfway into selling 1 billion of its token supply. So, it is better to get it now if you want that sweet early mover advantage.

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