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Sylo, Bitbns Partner to Make Crypto More Accessible

Vulnerability Found Popular Crypto Wallets like Ledger and Others
Vulnerability Found Popular Crypto Wallets like Ledger and Others

Sylo, a software development house that works around the world, has partnered with Bitbns, an Indian cryptocurrency exchange, to “better serve the Indian market’s growing demand for legitimate crypto-projects,” a press release from the group notes.

Bitbns describes itself in the release as “a bona fide cryptocurrency exchange and one of India’s first,” as well as a platform that will really benefit Sylo and its Smart Wallet users.

This partnership will ensure that users on either platform will have better access to cryptocurrency, making it more accessible for all.

The partnership comes on top of the news that there has been a 500% growth in sign ups to the wallet from India since it launched, with citizens in the country making up 30% of the entire userbase.

Speaking on the matter is Bitbns CEO Gaurav Dahake, who said:

“India’s new-found enthusiasm for digital assets and privacy after the restriction of certain privacy-hogging apps like WeChat and TikTok, has presented a significant opportunity to offer India a ‘WeChat’ of sorts that incorporates all the best elements of new generation communications tech, without the privacy concerns, and with the added benefits of crypto assets.”

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