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Sylo Smart Wallet Releases In-App dApp Browser

Sylo, a “decentralised communication network with the performance and scalability to support millions,” has just released an in-app browser based on Web 3.0 to ensure users can interact with more Ethereum dApps, according to a press release from the group.

This browser is based in Sylo’s Smart Wallet applications, which was requested by over 250,000 of their community members.

Speaking on the matter is Ben Jordan, the co-founder and product director of Sylo, who had said:

“Listening to what our users want is really important to us. We’re ‘user-first’ all the way. It’s been a request for some time both within Sylo Smart Wallet users and the larger decentralised community to have better access to more decentralised experiences and more ways to spend cryptocurrencies. A Web3 browser was a logical addition for us, it just made sense. We hope our users enjoy it.”

This app has only been on the market for six months, but the company is already answering to fan demand quite a bit. On top of this, the group has recently partnered with Centrapay to ensure users can spend Bitcoin at smart vending machines.

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