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SushiSwap’s NFT Platform goes live, merges with Metaverse capabilities

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

SUSHIswap Price Up 20% to $15.43 – Where to Buy SUSHI
SUSHIswap Price Up 20% to $15.43 – Where to Buy SUSHI

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SushiSwap is one of the newest decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms in the crypto space. However, despite being around for over a year, the platform is making major strides, not just in the growth of its platforms but also in the launch of strategic initiatives that drive value.

SushiSwap is now venturing into the non-fungible tokens sector and the metaverse. It intends to do this by merging both NFTs and the metaverse, where the initial v0 campaign is expected to last for ten weeks.

SushiSwap launched Shoyu

The team behind the development of this new initiative has stated that the new initiative will be fully compatible with all the offerings of the Sushi ecosystem. The team further stated that Shoyu will be “one of the first artistic marketplaces that marries the art world with the technological innovation of decentralized finance.”

The press release from SushiSwap stated that the new Shoyu initiative was launched on November 3. The date is less than five months after the platform launched an initial proposition posted on SushiSwap forums.

The Shoyu team has already taken several weeks to select the parties featured in this new project. Several artists have been selected, and they will have a chance to list their NFTs on Shoyu. Among the popular people selected for NFT minting on the platform include Thom Mayne, Keyon Christ, Robert Gallardo and Nicolas Sassoon.

Bringing NFTs into the Metaverse

The notice also adds that Shoyu seeks to transform from the traditional web-based NFT platform to a tech-savvy 3D metaverse experience. This will make the NFTs on this platform available on mobile devices, desktop and VR headsets.

Shoyu will also offer artists a gallery to develop a multisensory installation that features 2D images in a 3D world. The announcement states that the platform will “support for a slew of file types across images, audio, video, and 3D rendered (GLB/GLTF) items with a maximum file size of over 500MB.”

The platform notes that through Shoyu, artists will have a way of bringing their vision to life so that art will be as close as possible to what the artist had envisioned.

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