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Steve Wozniak, Apple Co-Founder, Sees His Crypto Surge 1400%

Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, had recently launched Efforce, a blockchain and green energy project. This project’s token had seen a spectacular sure in value since it was listed last week within one of the biggest crypto exchanges out there.

A Project With The Best Intents

The entire Efforce project itself became fully operational last week, aiming to disrupt and transform the energy efficiency markets, enabling any investor across the globe to help the planet through it. Efforce itself now stands as the second-largest business venture Wozniak has taken on, the first being Apple, which the Silicon Valley veteran had co-founded almost fifty years prior.

In a statement, Wozniak explained that Efforce was developed to stand as the first-ever decentralized platform that enables any user to financially benefit and participate within the energy efficiency projects of the world. Through doing so, Wozniak stated that meaningful environmental change could be achieved, in turn.

Massive Gains made By WOZX

Efforce had also launched its token, named after Wozniak himself, shortly after the project itself launched. The Wozniak (WOZX) token had been listed on the HBTC crypto exchange, and had managed to attract $950 million within its first 13 minutes of operation, which isn’t that surprising considering the massive figure backing the project. The news itself was revealed by way of a press release issued on Friday.

Bitcoin and Other Digital Assets are on the Rise Again

Now, however, the coin has seen even greater gains. Through massive amounts of investor interest, the WOZX token saw close to 1,400% in price surge since it started trading, going from $0.1 at the start to Monday’s price of $1.41. Of course, the standard warning of caution needs to be said for any sort of asset that sees such a meteoric rise, as it tends to correct. Violently.

Plans are in place to have the WOZX token to start trading at Bithumb Global come next week, as well.

The Mandatory Public Statements

Jacob Visetti stands as the co-founder of Efforce, and gave a public statement about the project, as well. Visetti highlighted that many of the small businesses out there simply don’t have the initial capital needed for production process streamlining, switching over to LED lights, or even investing in building insulation for heat conservation. While all of these projects would save money in the long term for these businesses, they simply don’t have the initial capital to enact these upgrades.

Visetti explained that Efforce would enable these business owners to merely put their respective projects on the platform, for anyone and everyone to invest in. The business owner can then secure the funding needed for these projects, and save money in the long term.

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