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Splinterland Joins Hive Network: Steem Transactions Now Lower than Hive

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$5M in Tokens Frozen on STEEM, Associated with Hive Supporters
$5M in Tokens Frozen on STEEM, Associated with Hive Supporters

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Splinterlands, a crypto-powered card trading game, stood as the most popular decentralized application (DApp) on the Steem network. Now, however, this is no longer the case, as the game has officially migrated over to the rebel fork of the Steem network, Hive.

It should be commented at what strange times these are that this news occurred to begin with

A Rebellion In Blockchain

As one would imagine, the number of daily transactions within the Steem network has dropped by a third. Due to this, however, a key event had occurred for the first time in this little rebellion’s history: The Hive Network had managed to overtake Steem in the total amount of transactions.

Hive stands as a community-run fork of the Steem network, having broken off from the network itself shortly after Justin Sun, the founder of Tron, bought Steemit Inc. Fearing what Sun would do to the network, many opted to create their own network, to begin with.

Flexing Power Resulting In Loss Of Splinterlands

However, the nail in the coffin for the Splinterlands move came far later, the migration itself coming as a response to the Steem network’s surprise hard fork that was initiated in late May. This hard fork, however, was deployed in order to freeze the tokens of former block validators to Steem. To put it in perspective, Steem was punishing unruly elements within its network, doing so by presumably Sun’s directive.

As a response, Splinterlands explained that the game couldn’t stay within a network that holds such a massive, unacceptable risk to itself. Besides the obvious risk of having your entire holdings deleted if the new regime doesn’t agree with you, Splinterlands cited the fact that the changes aren’t public as a key reason, as well. Another reason is  the fact that there’s no adequate time given for testing and reviewing the proposed changes.

Splinterland Move Proves Successful

On the 2nd of June, 2020, Splinterland announced its successful migration towards the Hive network, encouraging its users to rejoice in the move.

A majority of the game’s players seemed to have a positive sentiment about the matter, with some even claiming that the performance of the network has improved as a result.

As one would imagine, however, Splinterland’s move has profound ramifications for Steem. A hive-based blogging platform, PeakD, published data on the 3rd of June. This data indicates that the Splinterlands shift caused Steem’s daily transactions to fall down to 400,000 as opposed to its previous 600,000 numbers.

Hive, however, experienced a rise of 400,000 and above, marking the first time ever that Hive has managed to overtake the Steem network’s transaction numbers.

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