SAFCOIN Launches Cryptocurrency Designed To Revolutionize African Business

SAFCOIN Launches Cryptocurrency Designed To Revolutionize African Business
SAFCOIN Launches Cryptocurrency Designed To Revolutionize African Business

In a world that is discovering and looking to experience the full benefits of cryptocurrencies, the coin will connect African countries with the global world. It will also help businesses in the continent to grow in the absence of the financial bottlenecks produced by traditional financial systems.

SAFCOIN has officially launched its own cryptocurrency which is designed to connect emerging African markets with each other and with other markets across the world. The cryptocurrency has been launched as a way to bypass the challenges that African businesses face with traditional financial systems. SAFCOIN is taking a firm look at how crypto and blockchain can have a positive impact on Africa. CEO and co-founder of SAFCOIN, Neil Ferreira, said that they aim to divulge the benefits of crypto for Africa by developing use case technology for every individual so they can benefit from crypto. He also emphasized that they want to maintain the highest standards of business ethics.

Bitcoin has shown that Africa is a ready market for cryptocurrency and SAFCOIN will enable the continent to explore cryptocurrencies further. Ferreira expresses that they foresee a future that has many cryptocurrencies fulfilling different needs and where these currencies can be interchangeable without the fees and middlemen that are associated with fiat currencies. The cryptocurrency’s ICO was successfully completed in October 2018. The ICO was followed by the launch of the SAFCOIN cryptocurrency, a mobile wallet for South Africa and crypto exchange in December of the same year.

The Mobile Wallet

Using the SAFCOIN mobile wallet, users are able to store Bitcoin and SAFCOIN. The wallet can also be used to buy and sell cryptos and keep up to date with the latest in the crypto world. The wallet can be through the various app stores and via the SAFCOIN website. It is a free app and it is also free to use.

SAFCOIN Exchange

The SAFCOIN (SAF) cryptocurrency is available for purchase and trade with low fees in comparison to other cryptocurrencies on other exchanges. Customers can convert USD to SAF, USD to Bitcoin (BTC), and BTC to SAF on the exchange. The variety offered by these options will enable customers to purchase cryptocurrencies in their preferred way. The SAFCOIN team has already initiated KYC protocols on the exchange to ensure that their customers experience a safe and friendly ecosystem. They also aim to enforce anti-money laundering measures through their KYC control procedures.

Cryptocurrencies are moving towards mainstream adoption across the world and the launch of SAFCOIN has come at a near perfect time. The success of the currency will depend on how it is viewed in comparison to other more established currencies such as Bitcoin. What is clear is that the SAFCOIN team intends to make the cryptocurrency the go to for business and for those who engage in trading cryptocurrencies on the continent.

Remember, all trading carries risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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