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Ripple adviser: New CBDC announcements are about to come

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Just after clues from the Ripple CBDC senior advisor Antony Welfare of further revelations arrive, Ripple could soon reveal positive signs inside the central bank digital currency (CBDC) initiatives. A central bank issues virtual currencies, which are comparable to cryptocurrency. They are determined by the worth of the nation’s fiat currency.

CBDCs are being designed and deployed in many nations. Since so many regions are looking into virtual currencies, it’s essential to comprehend what they constitute and what they necessarily imply for society.

CBDCs aren’t cryptocurrencies, even though cryptocurrencies and distributed ledgers inspire the concept of digital central bank financial assets. CBDCs are governed by a banking system, whereas virtual currencies are nearly always distributed, which means a central agency cannot govern them.

On Tuesday, virtual currency influencer Sentosumosaba tweeted that Ripple is currently in the middle of many CBDC pilot projects, notably one in Palau and another in Bhutan.

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Ripple’s top advisor, Welfare, who controls CBDC Europe and worldwide collaborations, reacted within the same comment stream, hinting that more CBDC declarations could be made in the coming weeks.

As piloting a cryptographic signature of an XRP Ledger last March, offering a framework for financial institutions to release CBDCs safely, the business seems to have become progressively involved in creating the central bank’s virtual currencies.

Ripple was recently named to be one of the first attendees inside a “Technical Sandbox Program” established by the United States-based research institute Digital Dollar Project to examine the possible business and technical implications of the CBDC within the US.

Taking the right steps

Last February, Ripple became a sponsoring collaborator of a European research institute called Digital Euro Association to jointly drive the growth and advancement of CBDCs or the Digital Euro.

Ripple Labs revealed last September that it would collaborate with the Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan to kickstart a CBDC within this south-central Asian empire to release and handle a virtual ngultrum designed to enhance cross-border payouts.

A few months later, this crypto business announced a collaboration also with the Republic of Palau to assist the Island nation in developing all its climate-friendly virtual money. However, it stated that it would function more as a USD-backed virtual currency than the CBDC.

The cryptocurrency company also held its first web CBDC workshop, dubbed “Ripple CBDC Innovate,” last June.

The competition drew 483 participants who were challenged to create CBDC-focused requests that either enhance the connectivity of CBDCs or virtual assets, make general merchandise use and communication more accessible, or introduce banking to disadvantaged communities.

As stated on CBDC’s Innovate webpage, the first phase’s frontrunners will be revealed on September 8, after which they will advance to phase two of the contest.

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