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Philippines Crypto Enthusiast Altcoin Pinoy Reviews FightOut – The Real Move-to-Earn

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Philippines Trader Altcoin Pinoy reviewed the innovative Move-to-Earn crypto platform FightOut and its native token FGHT which is on presale now. The goal of FightOut is to help its users enjoy more healthy lifestyle by providing a unified platform for movement tracking.

They also provide users with individualized training plans that align with their objectives and reward them for their accomplishments.

Altcoin Pinoy FightOut Analysis

FightOut is workout platform not only for running and walking activities. By sticking to daily fitness routines and working out with the support of instructional videos and professional coaches, it provides a wide variety of training that can be customized to meet the needs of a different user.

The application tracks and keeps a record of all of the physical activity that the user engages in throughout training. Additionally, it enables the user to create their avatar, which levels up based on the actual characteristics of the user.

This completely new platform is built on the Move-to-Earn metaverse and can earn a reward for completing workout programs to increase their fitness level. The users of FightOut are not required to attend the gym to participate, they can become a part of the M2E system by just exercising at home.

FightOut Ongoing Presale

The second stage of the FightOut token presale has begun, and $3.6 million has been raised. Investors that purchase FGHT tokens during the presale period will be eligible to get up to 50% more FGHT tokens as a bonus. Depending on the quantity of tokens purchased and the vesting term.

Currently one FGHT token costs $0.0185. Guide on how to buy FGHT token here.

The maximum supply of FGHT token is 10 billion tokens. About 60% of these tokens would be acquired during the presale period. Additionally, based on the quantity of tokens purchased and the vesting period, about 30% of these tokens will be given out as bonuses to early FGHT token buyers.

FightOut Innovative Fitness Gym

FightOut will look to open the world’s first major Web3 integrated gym. This creates an M2E fitness app and gym chain that makes fitness fun. This is designed to help users build physical strength and endurance where member can complete their routine together with other FightOut users with the virtual space where other Fightout athletes can participate worldwide.

The FightOut future users who lack easy access to a gym facility are allowed to still exercise while earning rewards at the same time. The gym also offers special events, in-person or remote private training, and avatar utility for FGHT token holders.

FightOut Substantial Advantages

In due to the fact that the Move-to-Earn industry has been gaining popularity over the period of the past few years, its future appeared to have a lot of potential. In addition to this, the high-level features that FightOut has implemented have successfully filled in some of the industry’s weaknesses.

While other competitors have not been able to catch up to these difficulties, the one-of-a-kind solutions that FightOut offers have the potential to drive significant demand over the long run.


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