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OKB Price Prediction – Will It Rise To New Highs?

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

OKB Price Prediction - Will It Rise To New Highs?
OKB Price Prediction - Will It Rise To New Highs?

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OKB has rallied in the past 24 hours, reflecting the recent revival observed in most cryptocurrencies. It is currently on an upward trajectory and shows no signs of slowing down soon. Despite minor losses observed earlier this week, OKB has bounced back and is trading above $20.

The coin is pulling more investors’ interest due to its unique blockchain and numerous utilities. The general outlook for OKB today is bullish and will likely sustain for the next few days.

OKB Price And Vital Stats

OKB is trading on the green horizon today with a 24-hour trading volume of $18,199,338, showing a 7.57% increase. Currently trading at $22.09, it has gained in the past few days.

Currently ranked number 35 in the market, OKB is enjoying an uptrend as more investors opt for the coin.

OKB Market Performance

OK Blockchain Foundation and a Maltese crypto exchange back the OKB coin. Its token grants users access to special features on the exchange.

OKB has real-life applications for voting and governance and the payment of trading fees. OKB gives users up to a 40% discount on transactions relative to the number of tokens they possess.

The project benefits from a partnership with companies for a variety of purposes. For instance, TrueChain uses OKB for business transactions, Tripio for lodging, and Litex uses the token for their mobile fuel card. OKB has benefitted from this widespread acceptance and recovery of the general crypto market.

OKB Price Prediction – Will It Continue To Surge?

Support and Resistance levels Analysis

OKB Price Prediction - Will It Rise To New Highs?
OKB/USD Daily Price Chart | Source:

OKB is currently trading at $22, showing a positive price movement. The formation of horizontal candles at different intervals on the chart is noticeable. These candles signify a lack of trader interest at some point.

However, OKB has still rallied despite the fluctuating market-breaking resistance level of $17. The coin will soon test the strength of the next resistance level at 22.7. Pressure from the bulls is needed to sustain this rally.

Support levels of $8 and $10 held with the $17 resistance turning to new support for OKB. Expect the price to increase in the coming days.

OKB Price Analysis With Technical Indicators

OKB Price Prediction - Will It Rise To New Highs?
OKB/USD Daily Chart | Source:

The OKB price chart is showing encouraging signals today. The 50-day SMA crossing over the 200-day SMA is a golden cross formation. This is a signal of bullish momentum shortly. The RSI at 59.20 shows the coin is closing in on the buy zone, and the trend might be maintained.

The MACD shows a buy signal in its movement with the signal line. This setup is ideal for short-term trades.

The price of coin will keep increasing between the $22 and $24 range. Its price increase largely depends on investor sentiment and adoption.

Potential Projects To Consider During Bear Market

With OKB’s positive outlook, investors are looking for profitable projects to join. Ethereum has also performed well in the past week. These three ERC-20 tokens are projects with great potential for investors.

Dash 2 Trade

This is a crypto trading platform that uses intelligent and innovative techniques. Dash 2 trade gives investors access to real-time analytics and social trading data. All that is needed to access the platform are its native D2T tokens.

The D2T presale has realized more than $6.94 million. The third stage is ongoing and will end once it attains the $8.757,000 mark. D2t will be listed on LBank and BitMart exchanges at the end of the nine presale stages.


It is a sandbox-like metaverse that is Ethereum-based. RoboEra will release the alpha version of its metaverse in the first quarter of 2023. On the metaverse, players can create and also play as robots.

Its token TARO presale has raised above $198,000.


In an attempt to reduce and combat carbon emissions, IMPT is the project to invest in. This project is a Marketplace that supports carbon credits powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Users can trade and earn NFT carbon offsets as a reward for shopping with green brands.

The IMPT presale has exceeded $13.18 million and is a sign of great things to come post-launch.


OKB is enjoying bullish momentum presently. However, the sustenance of this pressure depends on investors’ adoption. OKB’s utility makes it a strong contender to remain relevant for the year to come.

You can also invest in ERC-20 tokens like D2T, IMPT, and TARO.

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