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Nvidia Stocks Surge to New Year All-time High After HSBC Bullish Recommendation


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Nvidia stocks rallied to 91% S&P 500 on Tuesday, its best run so far in 2023, after HSBC flipped its recommendation from “reduce” to “buy,” citing its dominance as an artificial intelligence (AI) frontrunner.

Nvidia Computing Technology Set to Dominate the AI Sector

Nvidia, one of the largest industry leaders in artificial intelligence (AI) computing technology, stock (NVDA) exploded on Tuesday after HSBC analysts raised its stocks market to Buy from Reduce.

HSBC, a world-revered banking and financial corporation, asserts that Nvidia technological chips will dominate the AI market and drive earnings to the greatest height. Hence, it threw the towel on a previous “Reduce” recommendation.

The financial corporation raised the NVDA stock price market to $355 from $175 per share, reflecting a 30% gain from its initial price mark.

Frank Lee, the head of technology for HSBC, cited concerns over the AI computing technology’s drastic data center revenue decline through last year’s quarters and its rising inventories.

However, there’s a strong belief that Nvidia computing AI chips will be in great demand, which will counteract downtrends in the data revenue model.

HSBC analysis estimates the demand for AI chips will create a market price of 10 to 20 times higher than standard gaming chips found on laptops.

This prediction indicates Nvidia chips price will automatically hit a high-value trajectory without increasing sales volume.

The banking firm sets an analytical growth estimation that sees Nvidia dominate the entire generative AI sphere, hitting 90% market share in 2024, well ahead of conventional competitors like Intel, Micron, and Advanced Micro Devices.

While the overall generative AI market remains uncertain and complex to map out an accurate forecast, Nvidia is backed to have the highest potential leverage from a hardware point of view.

A Broader View of the Emerging AI Sector and Its Impact on the Stock Market

Since the launch of the beta version of ChatGPT in November 2022, several companies have transitioned to the AI bandwagon due to its many opportunities to be harnessed.

Tech, finance, and AI communities have mixed views on these innovations’ impact on the employment sector, control, and overall output.

However, AI’s impacts on the stock market have been slightly overlooked.

The stocks of Microsoft (MSFT), one of the industry leaders in technology and software, surged to 26% ever since the rumor of a potential investment with ChatGPT surfaced on the internet on the 10th of January.

After two weeks, the tech giant announced a multi-year billion-dollar investment in OpenAI, the parent company of the most advanced and popular artificial intelligence-powered chatbot.

Alphabet (GOOGL) also peaked to Microsoft’s gains. However, it plummeted after its search AI rollouts to rival ChatGPT, resulting in a $100 billion loss that affected shareholders.

The rise and fall of AI, as well as its convergence and divergence, have permeated the education industry.

Chegg, a renowned US-based education technology company stocks, CHGG dipped to 44% in five months over fears of ChatGPT’s capabilities to potentially magnet retail and institutional investors and market shares.

To create a permanent fix, the educational company partnered with OpenAI, which propelled a boost of 10%.

Nvidia is set to walk the same parts as Microsoft regarding the seamless interoperability with OpenAI and solidify itself as a major player in the AI space in public forums.

The AI computing technology is fully committed to dominating the market via its standard chips. Its ambitions have yielded early fruits as it has recorded a significant rise of 85% since the start of 2023.

The increase is way higher compared to AMD, a fellow player in AI chip production.

Early investors of NVDA stocks are bullish on the future market trajectory as they enjoy the front view of dominance in the AI and the stock market sector.

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