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Beam to become a new gaming-focused subnet of the Avalanche ecosystem

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Merit Circle recently revealed a new development within its DAO. The new development has produced Beam — a gaming-oriented blockchain that seeks to become the go-to place in the crypto industry for Web3 gaming.

What is Beam?

According to the DAO, Beam operates as a sovereign network that Avalanche fully powers. Avalanche itself has been one of Ethereum’s rivals, and a popular  Layer 1 blockchain. Beam’s goal is to attract as many crypto games and game developers as possible, as it can reportedly deploy on-chain games easily.

According to the announcement posted on Medium,  “Everything from smart contracts to gas-optimized transactions, asset management, oracles for web2 games and marketplaces can be provided on Beam, letting developers focus on their games.”

According to Merit Circle, Beam offers a strong network featuring over 60 partnered games, dozens of developers, contributors, investors, and tools. Merit Circle also underlined that Avalanche was selected to power the new gaming network thanks to its subnets — sovereign networks that can create their own rules involving memberships, token economics, and alike.

Other than that, Avalanche subnets also feature fairly low fees, and also quick settlements, both of which are highly important aspects that make the network attractive for Web3 gaming.

Web3 gaming has seen a few popular titles, but no mega-hits as of yet

In March 2022, Avalanche saw the launch of DeFi Kingdoms, which is arguably the most notable crypto-native game so far. DeFi Kingdoms selected Avalanche o launch its Crystalvale realm, using a subnet called DFK Chain. In addition, it also launched another realm called Serendale on the Klaytn network.

Apart from this, Avalanche is also known for being the host of the crypto game Crabada, which was once quite a noteworthy addition to the Web3 gaming sector. This is a Play To Earn idle game where players get to control hermit crabs. There are numerous oceanic kingdoms where they can engage in battles with others, and for the most part, this was a very exciting prospect for crypto gamers. The game saw a massive spike in volume and transactions, which brought in even more attention. This allowed it to peak last spring, before eventually it started falling off.

So far, the crypto industry has had a number of successful games, but none of them has emerged as the “killer app.” For the time being, the industry is still searching for its big hit in both applications and games.

This is why Beam could be a revolutionary platform for further development, as it could be the place where a new title will emerge and conquer the hearts and minds of gamers around the world. So far, a number of titles are expected to arrive, including Walker World, Trial Xtreme, Sphere and Edonhorde Eclipse, Hash Rush, and others. All of them, and many more, will battle for power and attention, although it still remains to be seen how big of a user base each of them will be able to attract.


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