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NFT Signals And Tokun Mark The Beginning Of A New Partnership

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Tokun NFT Signals partnership
Tokun NFT Signals partnership

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After the Token App introduction of the new 1.0 version on 17th July, confirming the new era for NFT Automation, the app has again come in the news after the NFT Signals announced a partnership with Tokun. This marks the beginning of a long-term partnership between the two platforms.

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Your Capital is at risk

Tokun – The Ultimate NFT Trading Companion

Tokun is a Web3 dApp that helps its users in discovering, tracking, aggregating and automating NFTs. The app also supports ETH and SOL.

According to the OpenSea data, Tokun App has sold 669 passes with currently 601 owners. The total volume is 81.2094, and the floor price remains at 0.17. Both the projects are predicted to undoubtedly benefit from this partnership’s visibility to expand their business significantly.

What to Expect Next?

The collaboration is highly advantageous to NFT Signals, who will participate in frequent AMAs during which the team’s developers will give the community weekly updates on the project’s development.

Additionally, NFT Signals will automatically be added to the allowlist for any future projects created under the Token umbrella, and the partnership will be publicised widely on social media as the projects attempt to cross-promote one another.

Tokun will receive front page advertising on more than 50 websites with more than 4 million unique monthly visitors as a result of the collaboration and will provide members with a 15% discount on all packages.

What are NFT Tracker Tools?

Investors can track the most popular NFTs from various NFT collections using NFT tracker tools, which are computer programmes. These tools are made specifically to keep track of new and existing NFTs according to rarity.

Consider employing NFT tracker programmes that automate the process of tracking NFTs for you if you want to make any money from the NFT market. Remember that new NFTs are produced on an almost daily basis. Therefore, it’s crucial to employ software that can give you ongoing tracking.

This programme can locate and examine NFT collections before giving you the findings. Making more informed investing decisions is possible with the information you learn using these tools.

NFT Signals has already given users who have used it noteworthy returns. The 8liens NFT project generated returns of 35%. For those selected to use the platform, NFT Signals offers reliable results.

If you want to see a substantial return on your NFT investments, you can enter the market using NFT Signals. You get ten free signals when you sign up for the VIP Signals monthly package, which costs 75 USD. NFT Signals is also offering its Twitter followers 500 USD in free money.

While this partnership of NFT Signals and Tokun will give you plenty of information to make the best choice for your future investment, it is ultimately up to you to cross-check the information. Make sure to make informed NFT investments.

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Your Capital is at risk

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