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NFT NYC Sees Record Attendance, Some Catch Covid

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NFT NYC Sees Record Attendance
NFT NYC Sees Record Attendance

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The concept for the NFT.NYC, as per the words of NFT.NYC co-founder Jodee Rich came to him around four years ago when he was having dinner with co-founder and CEO Devin Finzer of OpenSea (an NFT marketplace).

Within a short time, NFT.NYC has become the biggest NFT event in the world for the NFT artists. One of the top cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinbase, has gone to the extent of referring to NFT.NYC as “the Super Bowl of NFTs.”

Between June 20–23, 2022, NFT New York City (NFT.NYC) arranged a three-day event that welcomed the NFT lovers to the world of NFTs for discussions, seminars, and activities. The show was spectacular and profitable. It did, though, act as a trigger event for spreading coronavirus among NFT enthusiasts.

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According to numerous accounts, many participants who attended the program got stuck with COVID-19. The topic is discussed extensively on various social media platforms, and every person who participated in the event is advised to administer the COVID test.

Highlights of the NFT.NYC 2022

Over 15,000 artists and enthusiasts, along with more than 1,500 speakers, were at this year’s festival in several spots in the centre of New York. The NFT.NYC conference was held to promote Web3 innovation and gather as many folks together as feasible inside the Big Apple, with Snoop Dogg lookalikes roaming Times Square and planned anti-NFT protests.

The members-only ApeFest extravaganza was sponsored by the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) at Pier 17. Artist Amy Schumer appeared on the show, while rappers Eminem and Snoop Dogg also performed at the event. They also debuted a music video showcasing their BAYC caricatures.

NFT NYC news

Along with cryptocurrency payment processor MoonPay, blockchain network Polygon presented this year’s edition of NFT.NYC event. The event also saw the launch of the network’s own NFT minting service, HyperMint. Zora, aka Zoratopia, organized a musical event at this NFT carnival. Web3 performers were able to take charge of the atmosphere and wow their audience while interacting with them.

For your information, one of the rare venues that makes an effort to sign up Black artists and provide them with all the necessary resources to commercialize their art, in addition to providing them with a stage, is Zora. Similar to this, the Baby Shark NFT event featured performers in burlesque costumes, artists coated in colours, a picture booth, a fantastic mirror area where you could film clips, and much more.

The crowd had a fantastic experience, thanks to the many components. The amazing part about this festival is that it eliminates any conventional boundaries that the tech industry could have in the past, providing for the fusion of innovation and art, interaction, creative expression, and enjoyable moments.

Covid Outbreak in NFT.NYC

Indoor conference activities in New York City were subject to local health regulations. As NFT.NYC organizers care about its participants’ health and safety; they made a request to them to act responsibly and abide by these regulations.

However, people attended various events in large gatherings without even following covid protocols, which resulted in the outbreak of coronavirus disease. News reports are stating that many attendees have contracted this virus during NFT.NYC event.

A few participants had already urged others not to come to NFT.NYC event if they had Covid or symptoms similar to Covid. But for the covid outbreak, this year’s NFT.NYC edition was a huge success among its fans.

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