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Next Cryptocurrency To Explode Wednesday May 24 – Arbitrum, Algorand, Bitcoin

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 Cryptocurrencies are volatile, versatile, and incredibly dynamic which is why they are prone to daily market changes. For instance, the global crypto market cap now stands at $1.12 trillion, which is a 1.89% decrease since we made our next cryptocurrency to explode  post yesterday

There is no doubt that cryptocurrency is a breeding ground for generational wealth. However, with so many transformations happening daily within the crypto realm, it is unsurprising that investors and crypto enthusiasts often need guidance on investment opportunities. This is why we have painstakingly compiled a detailed list that answers the question: What will be the next cryptocurrency to explode?

The Top Cryptocurrencies To Explode Today

The next cryptos to explode are a collection of coins that outrank and outperform others in the market. A comprehensive understanding of what they entail uncovers their potential and leads to a treasure trove of investment possibilities.

1. Arbitrum (ARB)

Arbitrum is the next big cryptocurrency largely because of its uncanny ability to constantly evolve and improve. It debuted as a solution to the immense traffic plaguing the Ethereum network and enhanced the validation of smart contracts. The answer to this came about by taking advantage of the Ethereum mainnet while also creating a separate layer where smart contracts could run freely. This is why the Arbitrum network is considered primarily a second-layer functionality. Arbitrum established its mainnet in 2021, and this led to an influx of developers desiring the interest to build decentralized applications (dApps). The layer 2 response has upgraded scalability for investors and reduced fees which implies that Arbitrum is a top performer when it comes to scalability – even ousting out crypto leaders like Ethereum and Bitcoin. 

ARB which is the native cryptocurrency has had an impressive performance since it debuted on the crypto market. There is more demand for the token which has led to popular adoption and an upward trend within the market. A report from earlier this month showcases the surge in Arbitrum users which experienced a 118% growth. Like most other cryptocurrencies. Arbitrum has demonstrated a penchant for innovation and expansion through significant partnerships in the crypto space and shows that it has a lot of growth potential. Its advantageous scalability has become the most preferred option for developers, investors, and businesses. As it continues to improve and streamline its blockchain technology, its value will continue to soar. These are just a few reasons why Arbitrum is considered the next crypto to explode. Investors interested in Arbitrum investments can check it out on eToro.

2. Algorand (ALGO)


Algorand operates two-dimensionally as a digital currency and a blockchain platform. It was created to function speedily and process transactions the way conventional payment processes like Mastercard operate. Algorand is one of Ethereum’s biggest competitors in the sense that it can also host other blockchain projects. As an Open source blockchain, anyone can see and contribute (If they want to), to its code. Its usage of the proof-of-stake consensus algorithm enables high transactional speed and scalability. As an effective and scalable platform, Algorand’s operations are purely decentralized. To accomplish true efficiency, Algorand uses relay nodes for proper communication; reduces the data burden on the Algorand network by compressing blockchain information and using participation nodes. Among its advantages is environmental consciousness. Algorand markets itself as a green blockchain and since 2021, it has been carbon negative. The Algorand blockchain is characterized by many projects which include but are not limited to decentralized lending and trading, which is beneficial to investors. It also supports a digital national currency. 

Algorand is also innovatively conscious and community-driven. Developers have built dApps on the Algorand blockchain and rely on its community of users to make decisions about blockchain implementations. The AlgoSigner wallet has been certified as a provider of seamless and tightly secure solutions for storing and managing ALGO tokens. The ALGO tokens have also performed favourably on the market leading to an increase in user adoption. Algorand offers users a great experience overall which is why it is projected to be one of the next cryptocurrencies to explode. Traders can check it out on eToro.

3. BitDAO (BIT)

BitDAO is positioned to be the next crypto to explode for several reasons. First of all, it is a bonafide part of the DAO revolution in cryptocurrency. DAO can be described as the cryptocurrency version of a shareholder-controlled business. They are not characterised by any form of dichotomy or hierarchy but operate strictly on self-executing computer nodes popularly known as smart contracts.  It is powered by a knowledgeable and committed team whose overall goal is the mass adoption of decentralized and token-governed technologies. It was built on the Ethereum layer 2 technology which offers high security and low transactional fees. 

BitDAO is rooted solidly in a dedicated community that is in charge of decisions on critical issues. Community members are carried along on the launch of new initiatives, the assignment and modification of powers and the implementation of corrective actions. After the successful launch of the BIT token in 2012, BitDAO raised 112,000 Ethereum from 9200 participants. At that point in time, that amount of Ethereum was worth $365 million.  

BitDAO is also not lagging in terms of collaboration and strategic partnership projects. In December 2021, it teamed up with some of the most respected Universities in the world to launch EduDAO. Some of the Universities included Harvard University, Penn University, Oxford University and Tsinghua University, all of which have blockchain associations. BitDAO is community-driven, and goal-oriented in terms of improvement and innovation, and it has done quite well so far in the crypto markets. Currently, its market cap stands at slightly over $1.1 billion. 

Investors can look forward to staking rewards, voting rights and having their voice heard in all ramifications of decision-making. As a lucrative and reliable option, BitDAO is without a doubt the next cryptocurrency to explode.

4. Copium (COPIUM)

Within the crypto space, Copium has been making waves over the last few weeks, which is why it makes this list as the next meme coin to explode. Despite being a humour-centric and community-driven coin, it still continues to blaze the trail forward within the crypto markets. With mouth-watering rewards and NFT airdrops, it has carved a distinct image for itself. Even as a new entrant into the cryptosphere, the meme coin has witnessed an upward surge in demand. The highly anticipated token burn has also taken place, automatically eliminating 250 million tokens in circulation.

 Crypto analysts have predicted a price surge which is already happening due to FOMO. The reduction which is a side effect of the burn event has ignited speculation of higher growth which is bound to give the token an inflationary effect. Therefore investors are encouraged to check it out now on eToro. Copium token developers have implemented a liquidity lock which is currently a restrictive move on fund withdrawals. This has an effect on investor confidence as both traders and investors do not need to be worried about scam exits.  Copium has garnered momentum due to high-profile influencer endorsements which have greatly enhanced visibility. 

Its initiatives have also gone a long way in building good value propositions and strengthening the relationships within the community. With its current virality, unique tokenomics, influencer backing and strong positive predictive analysis, Copium is uniquely poised to outperform other meme coins in the markets. 

5. Pepe (PEPE)

Despite its recent ups and downs, Pepe has still proved its mettle as the next meme cryptocurrency to explode. Three weeks after its emergence, it gained a market cap of $420 million, which automatically pushed it to the top hundred cryptocurrencies in the world. In the last thirty days, the coin has scaled upwards to reach an impressive 550% after a series of exchange listings listed it on their platforms. Pepe’s market value has once reached a staggering $2billion. Despite being a new player in the field, its meteoric rise has astounded crypto analysts and would definitely go down as one of the best in crypto history. 

In the first weeks of May, its market cap reached a surprising $1.7 billion, instantly dwarfing crypto stars like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin. Despite initially being trumpeted as a digital asset that lacks intrinsic value, Pepe generated a global frenzy that propelled it to the top. Investors can learn from the Pepe craze that memecoins can possess tremendous value especially when they grow at breakneck speed. Currently, Pepe is regarded as the third largest memecoin after Dogecoin and Shiba Inu who cumulatively command up to $15billion market share.

 Its stunning successes which are currently trending have played a part in its ecosystem expansion. So far it is powered by an intelligent team who have progressive plans, in addition to a fast-growing community. It is pertinent to note that while meme coins are highly volatile and propelled by hype, investors with a significantly calculated risk appetite can take a chance to hop on the wave and make a significant profit. 

6. AiDoge (AI)

AiDoge gained prominence as the new Al-powered generation tool on the block. It has emerged as a status quo to the prevailing meme coin trends and is currently the most discussed presales of 2023. AiDoge garnered massive attention mainly because of its flagship feature that allows users to create memes due to text-based notifications. This exterminates hours of photo editing and caption development as the Al embedded within handles all of this on the backend.  

 It recently surpassed $10 million in its ongoing presale which means its presale is seventy percent complete. Its use of artificial intelligence enhances its functionality and makes it exceptional. Through the use of sound predictive analysis and well-developed algorithms, AiDoge possesses leverage over the market. Investors can hope to enjoy the efficient analysis of a plethora of crypto information and optimization of trading secrets, which lead to profits. 

AiDoge has witnessed an explosion in interest which has led to a considerable amount of supporters and a dedicated community. It has a dedicated team invested in its innovation and futuristic milestones. The team that powers AiDoge possesses a wealth of experience that has engineered the coin towards mainstream prominence within the market. AiDoge has become a pioneer in the new meme-to-earn wave, using its blockchain technology not just to showcase the works of content creators but also to protect their rights and provide opportunities for income maximisation. Investors looking for coins that can sprout profits in the short term would want to take a closer look at AiDoge.

Since it has superseded its milestone, AiDoge’s presale has taken an exponential leap to the fifteenth stage. This means that the price of the native crypto token $AI has risen to $0.0000316. The presale has just less than a third of its overarching milestone left to raise and so interested investors have no more time to waste if they want to still secure the tokens at a lower price. 

AiDoge’s presale so far has been a remarkable feat. The first $100,000 was raised in minutes. The first million was raised in a couple of days and now the first ten million has emerged in the space of one month. Intelligent market investors know that both AI and meme coins are currently flourishing and AiDoge is a member of both categories. With its superior features, unique value and prominence in two reigning categories, AiDoge is not just a crucial digital asset but also the next big cryptocurrency. 

7. Bitcoin (BTC)


The world leader in the cryptoverse is still ahead in the game globally despite being rocked in recent times by increasing volatility. Today’s report on Reuters states that Bitcoin has experienced a surprising surge in transactions which have shot upwards to as much as 682,000 per month. This is a forty per cent surge from what predominated years earlier in 2017. 

The reason for this rather sudden swell is attributed to the emergence of BRC-20 tokens that were built on the Bitcoin blockchain. Bitcoin’s volatility in the last year has caused investors and traders to be highly mindful of the coin. Despite the cautious steps of most traders, there is still a lot of ongoing activity as regards BRC-20 tokens. Their demand is currently putting a strain on Bitcoin’s blockchain technology leading DeFi platforms to rise to solution-providing challenges. If these challenges can be tackled, this would go a long way in enhancing investor appeal, improving scalability and driving the eminent rise of the BRC-20 tokens and Bitcoin itself. Regardless, careful diligence and patience are still required for investors interested in checking it out on…

Despite its incredibly turbulent store-of-value history over the years, the supremacy of Bitcoin remains unmatched and unchallenged. As the first true decentralised currency to attain global mainstream popularity, Bitcoin has been the main inspiration behind the emergence of all other cryptocurrencies. Its widespread acceptance propelled its price to unprecedented heights. It is the first cryptocurrency to reach the $60,000 dollar mark. Furthermore, Bitcoin has been integrated as a payment system by some of the biggest companies in the globe. Tesla, Amazon, Fortune 500 companies and a range of small and medium-sized businesses have invested in Bitcoin and this has stimulated market confidence, user adoption that remains supreme, and conventional global acceptance. 

Bitcoin’s scalability has been subjected to controversy over the years. However, in recent times, the scalability issues have become better with the implementation of the lightning network. As a layer-2 solution, it reduces the congestion on the Bitcoin blockchain and can upscale daily transactions. Despite being prone to the brutality of volatility, Bitcoin remains a trailblazer and is still one of the next cryptocurrencies to explode.

In recent times it has mostly been affected by global events such as the Covid-19 crisis, the Russian-Ukraine conflict, inflation turmoil and supply chain issues.

8. Refund Coin (RFD)


Refund coin has taken its place on the crypto block, and in no time, they have been quick to launch collaborations and get listed on the top exchange platforms. On coin market cap its price is now listed as $0.00006296. In the last 24 hours, Refund has had an impressive trading volume of $53.3 million and has surged up to 50.91%. It is showing good growth potential and is worth keeping an eye on. 

The Refund sensation was kickstarted by a well-known OG whale known around the cryptoverse as blurr.eth. Blurr.eth achieved widespread popularity in 2021 through the unforgettable trade of a punk #9998 for 124,000 ETH. Unlike other cryptocurrencies emerging on a daily basis, Refund was not created for profit purposes only as its owner has already achieved impressive success. Despite being in its early stages it is already powered by a dedicated team and an enthusiastic community. It has been founded based on the ideology of unity and hopes to become the true embodiment of decentralization. With unique origins from a visionary developer, a steadfast dedication to becoming fully decentralized, and a committed community, Refund is poised to be the next big cryptocurrency. 

9. Ben (BEN)


 BEN is still new within the crypto world, as not much is known about this coin yet. It made its debut this month, and the ideology behind the coin is trustworthiness. A trait it demonstrates by warning its followers to be wary of scams.

With its current trends on Twitter, Ben has potential and is a coin that traders and investors should keep their eyes on. As of the time of this writing, it has no actual market cap and a maximum supply of 420,690. It has also been taken over by renowned crypto influencer, Ben Armstrong. We are keeping our fingers crossed on this one.

10. Generational Wealth (GEN)

Generational Wealth

GEN has made quite a splash within the crypto world, and those fortunate enough to have jumped on it during its first release currently have profits to be grateful about. This is why it is on this list as the next meme cryptocurrency to explode. Founded on the super versatile Ethereum blockchain, GEN has found its way to the biggest crypto listings in the world and has a total supply of 420,690,000, 000, 000 units. In seven days, GEN had a fascinating upward surge to 1200% on its race to $1, gaining immense traction that triggered investor appeal. Currently, it is marketed as a currency that aims to unlock the alpha character within all its investors. GEN is gathering momentum and progress. Just like BEN, fingers crossed, but it has shown high potential and it is worth keeping an eye on.

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