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Next Cryptocurrency to Explode Tuesday 15 August – XRP20, Bitcoin Cash, THORChain

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While the crypto market struggled to touch the green on Monday, its market capitalization was back in the red on Tuesday. Current trends affect investor confidence, so the expected inflow may be held up. The Fear and Greed index is surprisingly at an equilibrium point of 50.

Stocks in Asia are still wallowing, and they have dipped to a month low in the early hours of Tuesday. The Chinese Yuan is also struggling as the Chinese have cut interest rates. The cut came after another disappointing economic data that underscores its deplorable condition.

The recent cut on China’s annual loans to financial firms is the largest and most significant since COVID began. The cut is a whopping 15 basis points. Both retail sales and industrial output had slow growth rates year-on-year by 2.5% and 3.7%, respectively.

The Yuan fell as a result of that to its lowest point in more than nine months. China’s leading state banks have entered the spot market to help salvage the currency. It is currently trading at 7.27 to the US Dollar.

Whereas, US stocks finished Monday on a good note as the market tried to bounce back from the rough days of this month. It comes as the market expects retail sales reports. The outcome will give further direction on the future of the US economy.

The crypto market will benefit if all expected data turns positive or if traders generally decide to seek refuge in crypto. Otherwise, the market may dip further in the coming days.

The Next Cryptocurrency To Explode

Hopefully, bulls will be able to wrestle some crypto assets from the grip of bears. From an analytic perspective, innovations are not sustaining investment in the direction of particular projects. Significantly, new projects are gaining more attention than old ones.

If investors increasingly shift attention to new projects, the broad market will have a prosperous future. It is, however, still determining what will become of a few old ones.

1. Chimpzee (CHMPZ)

The Chimpzee presale has raised over $1.1 million, while its 9th stage is almost over. It is trending and promises to be the next cryptocurrency to explode.

The project embodies a novel endeavor with a twofold mission. First, it addresses pressing matters like wildlife conservation and climate change. Secondly, it furnishes users with passive income avenues. Demonstrating unwavering dedication, the project team commits 10% of the token supply and a share of profits to combat these urgent issues actively. 

The Chimpzee platform significantly emphasizes generating awareness and funding for conservation initiatives. Their ambassadorship and community engagement program highlight the idea.

At the core of the Chimpzee ecosystem lies the Chimpzee shop, serving as a central nexus offering a diverse array of goods and commodities. Moreover, the NFT marketplace empowers users to trade NFTs, thus generating passive income through a fraction of the platform’s transaction fees.

A prominent feature is the Zero Tolerance Game, a staunch advocate for environmental preservation. Players can earn CHMPZ tokens by reaching specific milestones within this game. To amplify passive income prospects, holders of Chimpzee NFT passports enjoy exclusive privileges, enabling them to accrue additional CHMPZ tokens. The procedure for acquiring a Chimpzee NFT passport is delineated below.

Furthermore, Chimpzee harbors ambitious intentions of unveiling a mobile application that employs AI technology to craft personalized Chimpzee AI avatars. This inventive app empowers users to devise their distinct chimpanzee avatars, which will become available post the conclusion of the presale phase.

The presale for Chimpzee encompasses a total token supply of 40 billion, with any surplus tokens being permanently withdrawn from circulation upon the presale’s culmination. Chimpzee is conducting its presale at this stage, proffering the token at an initial price of $0.000775. Subsequently, the price will ascend to $0.00085, culminating in a listing price of $0.00185.

After the presale, the Chimpzee platform will unveil the availability of NFT passports. The exclusive opportunity to acquire the Chimpzee Diamond NFT passports will solely be granted to investors from presale stage 1. An allowlist event will be orchestrated explicitly for these investors before the NFT passports’ accessibility to the general public. Any unsold Diamond NFT passports will subsequently be open for public acquisition.

Visit Chimpzee.

2. Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Investing in some crypto projects may not guarantee profits and dividends. But specific projects outshine others in performance. That makes all the difference and makes them the next cryptocurrency to explode. Within this context of variability and distinctive attributes, investors have identified BCH as one of the most promising to be included in their investment portfolios.

Bitcoin Cash is gaining attention as a viable cryptocurrency choice. It has shown resilience by stabilizing even after enduring a bear market. Despite a recent decline of 11.27% in its price over the past month, BCH has recovered about 3.35% of its value within the last seven days. Presently valued at $232.68, it has undergone over 1.9% increase in the past 24 hours.

BCH price chart

In addition to the recent upward trajectory, Bitcoin Cash’s trading volume has surged by 39.45% in the last 24 hours, reaching $568 million. This positive trend is vividly mirrored in the trading charts. 

As the anticipation of a bull run grows, Bitcoin Cash is consolidating its position for substantial gains when this anticipated surge eventually materializes.

3. Toncoin (TON)

Toncoin has now achieved a remarkable breakthrough. It ended its month-long consolidation phase and injected hope into traders’ outlooks. It started Tuesday morning as one of the tokens at the top of the gainers’ chart. It gave hope for the next cryptocurrency to explode

The coin was previously confined within the price range of $1.31 to $1.49. But it has finally broken free from its range-bound pattern, though not without encountering its fair share of challenges.

Toncoin attempted to breach the critical $1.50 mark throughout the consolidation phase. These endeavors sparked optimism among bullish market participants, suggesting the potential for an upward trajectory. Yet, despite their persistent efforts, the coin fell short of overcoming this psychological barrier, ultimately retracting below it.

The latest price data indicates that Toncoin reached $1.49, marking a 4.7% surge within the last 24 hours. It also translates to an impressive 20.9% increase over the past seven days. While these figures may appear promising, a deeper analysis of market dynamics implies a more cautious sentiment among traders and investors.

The unyielding resistance from bearish market forces underscores the prevailing notion that the cryptocurrency market might not be ready to support a sustained climb beyond the $1.50 threshold. Despite the earnest efforts of the bullish side, the bears have maintained their influence, inducing a sense of caution within the market participants.

TON price chart

Toncoin has a higher trading volume, rising by 60.0% over the past week. It correlates with the overall circulating supply of the cryptocurrency. The circulating supply has expanded by 0.29%, reaching 3.44 billion.

This alignment between trading volume and circulating supply emphasizes the intricate interplay between supply and demand dynamics, shaping Toncoin’s market performance. As Toncoin breaks out of its month-long consolidation and tests the $1.50 mark, the market finds itself at a crossroads. It is torn between bullish aspirations and the prevailing resistance from the bears.

The cryptocurrency’s recent price movements underscore the nuanced nature of its journey, where minor fluctuations carry significant ramifications for traders and investors alike. While the path ahead remains uncertain, market players remain vigilant for indications of sustainable momentum that could propel Toncoin to new heights.

4. THORChain (RUNE)

THORChain was the number 1 coin on CoinMarketCap’s gainers list on Tuesday. It achieved this for the first reason that it has been consistently at the top for over a week.

According to reports from Santiment, the surge in THORChain’s price is underpinned by a notable increase in social volume. Specifically, RUNE’s social volume saw an impressive 4,300% surge between the 7th and 13th of August. It prompted substantial attention to converge on the THORChain protocol and its inherent token.

Furthermore, the upbeat investor sentiment towards THORChain underwent a staggering increase of 6,100% during the same period. This surge contributed to a significant uptick in RUNE’s trading volume as an enormous influx of investors joined the fray.

RUNE price chart

In April, THORChain, renowned as a cross-chain liquidity protocol, partnered with Unizen, a web3 company. This partnership will empower users to swap their Ethereum and Avalanche holdings for Bitcoin easily. It will also grant them the ability to save assets across different chains. This strategic collaboration also heightened activities within the THORChain ecosystem as it drew investors.

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