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Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Next Crypto to Watch
Next Crypto to Watch

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The cryptocurrency market has historically had major corrections before finding higher price ranges. This might be the current case, as Bitcoin plunged from an all-time high of more than $69,000 in 2021 to the $20,000 levels this year.

While a huge chunk of investors have been considering this a cue to exit from the market, a majority of experienced investors and institutions all over the world have been steadily getting into projects that show great potential.

The current state of the market gives everyone an opportunity to buy assets at a much discounted price, compared to a couple of months ago when the prices of almost every project were soaring. For the same reason, everyone looking to invest has been looking for projects that could withstand the current crypto winter and thrive going forward.

The best options that have been considered by financial organizations are large cap cryptocurrencies. These mean tokens that have a market cap in billions of dollars like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana etc. These tokens have established themselves as fundamentally strong assets and can reach good rates.

On the other hand, small caps are risky but high rewarding investments. Investors are always concerned about the safety of such projects, and often get confused in finding the best token that may be a safe bet. Memecoins too, are a category that can shoot up in price drastically.

The tokens that performed best in 2021 were memecoins that were backed by strong fundamentals. However, in the current market conditions, there are only a few such projects that could potentially see a 100X rise in prices. One such project that has been gaining massive popularity is Tamadoge.

What is Tamadoge?

should I buy Tamadoge presale

Introduced recently in 2022, Tamadoge is one of the most talked about blockchain projects in the space. It claims to be the Dogecoin of the future, which intends to build off the tried and tested methods of its two major contenders in the Doge family- Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

Tamadoge is to be primarily launched as an NFT-based P2E platform that shall host several games and opportunities for users to earn money. It features an ambitious roadmap with several features to be introduced post launch.

The project launch will be followed by an introduction of Tamadoge’s very own NFT collection, where users can buy Tamadoge NFTs. These NFTs shall be dog characters and will play an important role in the ecosystem. Players will be able to feed and nurture the dogs as their own pets. After a particular point, these NFT Tamadoges can be used to battle against other NFT holders’ Tama pets.

Developers state that the project shall be integrated with the metaverse which will open several other doors for earning opportunities. Tamadoge will also include a move-to-earn feature in the future, where players can walk their Tama pets to earn rewards. Several other games will be included in the ecosystem as the community grows bigger.

A leaderboard comprising of top players from the ecosystem will be set up, where players with the most points will be rewarded TAMA tokens from the pool. The team has mentioned that the Tamadoge metaverse, also known as the Tamaverse, will have an AR attribute, which players will be able to interact with in the coming months in the project’s whitepaper.

The TAMA token

Currently in the presale phase, a huge number of investors have already participated in the project. TAMA, the native token for Tamadoge is currently available on the website. The contract code for the token has been fully audited by Solid Proof in order to ensure security of the platform.

Should I Buy tamadoge

The team has also been verified by Coinsniper which will safeguard investors from rugpulls, which has become a common occurrence lately.

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Potential for TAMA

TAMA has already managed to bring together investors from several major memecoin communities. These numbers may rise in the future as it grows in popularity. Alongside, the social media platforms for Tamadoge are active and constantly monitored by moderators to solve doubts and queries. These factors have helped Tamadoge position itself as a trusted project.


The TAMA token being a utility asset for the platform combined with its memecoin status may see a considerable increase in price as the bull market is back. The price of TAMA available currently is set to rise by 25% by 30th August this year as the project will move on to its next presale phase.

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