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Nexon Integrates Polygon To Launch NFT Games – MapleStory Now In Metaverse

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Nexon Taps polygon
Nexon Taps polygon

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Nexon, one of the leading gaming publishers in South Korea, has partnered with Polygon to launch new non-fungible token games in the metaverse. Nexon will run Polygon supernet to power its popular video game MapleStory in the metaverse.

Nexon Taps Polygon To Launch NFT Games

In a March 22 blog post, Nexon confirmed integrating Polygon, an Ethereum Scaling solution renowned for empowering web3 games, to launch a new metaverse project. The South Korean gaming publisher anticipates bringing its popular video games to the metaverse.

Established in December 2002, Nexon is a Japanese-South Korean video game publisher. The video gaming giant is renowned for publishing one of the most popular video games, such as MapleStory, Dungeon & Fighter, Sudden Attack, and KartRider.

Under the new integration, Nexon has tapped Polygon to meet the complex requirements of online gaming. It anticipates leveraging Polygon network capabilities to power its new metaverse gaming platform, “MapleStory Universe.”

Nexon, the gaming publisher with over 180 million registered users, will allow gamers to buy and sell in-game assets using MapleStory virtual currency. Players will be able to earn NFT items through gameplay and use them to unlock various benefits or utilities across the ecosystem.

Polygon Emerges Top Choice Protocol For Web3 Gaming

In recent weeks, Polygon has become the top choice protocol across crypto projects, spurring to join the NFT gaming sector. Magic Eden is a perfect example, onboarding Polygon chain to power its new gaming hub, “Magic Eden Games.”

Earlier this week, Immutable partnered with Polygon Labs to build a dedicated gaming chain using zero-knowledge technology to accelerate decentralized game development and bring metaverse gaming closer to mass adoption. Commenting about the new integration, Sun-young Hwang, the MapleStory Universe Group leader, said:

“We are looking forward to expanding the NFT ecosystem envisioned by MapleStory Universe by building on Polygon, the top protocol for Web3 gaming. It is the perfect choice to power the ecosystem. We will work closely with the team at Polygon Labs to develop and market the game.”

The South Korean gaming behemoth “Nexon” has chosen Polygon net because its supernets are customizable, modular, and extensible blockchain stacks that developers can use to create custom networks for existing applications.

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