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Polygon revealed the launch date for zkEVM Mainnet Beta — it is coming in March

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Polygon (MATIC), a well-known Ethereum scaling project and one of the largest crypto projects in the industry, has recently revealed very exciting news. According to its new blog post, the project has selected a launch date for its zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM) beta mainnet to go live.

Earlier, the project promised that the launch will happen in Q1 2023, and while many were becoming increasingly skeptical since half of the quarter has passed already, Polygon will stay true to its word. The launch was announced for March 27th, and, as the project said, it will mark the future of Ethereum scaling.

Polygon has yet to share what the beta network will include

Polygon’s blog post revealed the launch date, but it did not specify what the beta network will include. It did, however, say that additional information will become available as the launch date approaches in weeks to come. Other than that, the network will put security ahead of everything else.

The launch of ZK technology is viewed by many as a major turning point, as it will bring major improvements to cryptography and blockchains. This is especially important for Ethereum, as it will reduce the cost of transactions and increase their speed.

zkEVMs come as a scaling solution that allows blockchain networks to process transactions on Layer 2, where this can be done much faster. After that, the transaction data goes back to the mainnet, so the entire process takes a lot shorter than if Ethereum was to process payments on its network. ZK rollups also use proofs to show that the transaction was not spoofed with, simply by sharing a snippet of information about the transaction itself.

The first ever zkEVM mainnet

Polygon co-founder, Mihailo Bjelic, said on Twitter that “After more than a year of intense and inspiring research, development and testing, we are incredibly proud to launch the FIRST EVER zkEVM mainnet!”

Previously, Polygon launched its zkEVM testnet in October, which deployed the EVM for the ZK rollup. As a result, Ethereum developers were allowed to move their smart contracts from the mainnet without having to reprogram them using a different language. Since the testnet went live, more than 75,000 ZK proofs have been created, and over 5,000 smart contracts deployed.

Sandeep Nailwal, one of Polygon’s co-founders, recently said in an interview that “Polygon zkEVM Mainnet is set to be the first fully EVM equivalent ZK rollup to reach mainnet, this represents a huge step towards scaling Ethereum and bringing Web3 to the masses.”

Meanwhile, Bjelic added that the blockchain will explore further ways in which ZK technology could be brought to the main chain of Polygon.


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