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New MEXC listing Of Tamadoge: Why Should You Still Invest in Tamadoge

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Tamadoge MEXC Listing
Tamadoge MEXC Listing

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One of the most talked about and well-supported new cryptocurrency initiatives are Tamadoge. The platform’s presale period has concluded, and it has raised over $19 million, many months ahead of plan. In spite of the fact that the whole quantity of 1 billion TAMA tokens has been purchased, investors are still trying to find safe storage solutions for their holdings.

There is excellent news, as Tamadoge successfully completed its IEO on the OKX CEX and DEX exchanges more than a week ago. An initial listing on MEXC was revealed, with further listings expected in the coming months. Here are the top three reasons why Tamadoge, now listed on the MEXC, should be at the top of your list of crypto investments.

Extremely High Level of Interest from Seasoned Investors

The cryptocurrency market is currently experiencing its worst downturn. Over $2 billion has been wiped out of global crypto markets due to inflation, supply chain issues, FED rate rises, and other factors. Therefore, in the post-crash crypto environment, even the most popular cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, are fighting for survival. But Tamadoge is immune to these problems, making it one of the few high-gainers available presently.

Over $19 million was raised in the formal TAMA token presale, which ended several months early. Even though the project’s formal debut is still at least a month away, the number of people who are interested in it is growing. After a very successful presale, Tamadoge has launched an initial exchange offering (IEO) on OKX, giving early adopters and investors a chance to purchase TAMA coins before they skyrocket in value. After OKX, MEXC began trading, and additional exchanges are expected to join soon. The company is in discussions with Binance and other large cryptocurrency exchanges.

The best practices used to create Tamadoge contribute to its widespread appeal amongst financiers. It’s situated in an exciting Metaverse and has fantastic play-to-earn games, integrated NFTs, superb token utilization, and a dynamic environment. With the advent of the new crypto ecosystem, only a few platforms have a chance to thrive. Since the beta presale, the price of a TAMA token has increased by almost 750%, from $0.01 to $0.083.

Why Parking Your Funds in Tamadoge Is Still Justified?

Consider the following reasons, which will help you understand why investing in Tamadoge is the best decision ever.

Tamadoge is Futuristic

Due to the myriad global financial, political, and supply chain challenges, the crypto markets are undergoing unprecedented change at an unprecedented rate. Amid the growing unpredictability, many people have sold their cryptocurrencies and moved their money to safer markets, thereby eliminating any remaining need for obsolete blockchain projects. Existing cryptocurrencies, with the exception of Tamadoge, will need to devote significant resources to reimagining their systems and future-proofing them.

The latest meme coin follows some of the most prominent manufacturing standards. It includes all the components necessary for sustainable future growth and is optimized for the current crypto ecosystem. The project centers on engaging play-to-earn games and includes components like an NFT system and a Metaverse. Tamadoge used the most effective method for making a project that would be used for years to come. In addition, complete augmented reality compatibility will be added to the platform in early 2023, further solidifying it as one of the most well-thought-out blockchains available.

Robust Tokenomics in Tandem with Future Expansion

Meme currencies like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu are hampered in their development and potential profits by low token use and a seemingly infinite supply of coins. With the exception of their first surge upon launch, most meme currencies will never again reach their earlier peaks.

Two billion TAMA tokens have been pre-mined in preparation for the launch of the project. Half were purchased in advance, another 45 percent will remain locked for liquidity, and the remaining 5 percent will be destroyed by burning. All purchases and sales in the Tamaverse must be made with TAMA tokens. In a typical month, 65% of tokens will be used for the prize pull that rewards users, 30% will go into keeping the platform running and promoting it and the remaining 5% will be burnt.

This will result in a gradual reduction of available TAMA tokens and, in the long term, will likely result in a higher price per token. The developers of Tamadoge clearly have everything covered, and whenever the project launches, it will very certainly set a new standard for existing meme currencies and altcoins.

Possibility of Exponential Growth

Finally, Tamadoge is one of the few new cryptocurrencies that has significant room for development. Since its beta presale, TAMA tokens have increased in value by 750%, reaching a 24-hour trading volume of $32 million. Since TAMA tokens are due to go live on LBank and MEXC today (October 5), we are extremely close to new all-time highs, and this rise will accelerate with each additional CEX listing.

As of right now, Tamadoge has the highest daily trade volume and is rated fourth in terms of price increase on CMC. In addition, it has surpassed all other meme currencies in terms of growth rate, hinting at its potential in the future. Tomorrow, October 6th, Tamadoge will release a collection of 100 very rare NFTs, and later this year, the company will add the full 21,000 NFT collection.


Tamadoge is the Memecoin Leader of 2022

The Tamadoge initiative is only getting started, but it’s already setting records and attracting a huge following. It is anticipated that the MEXC and LBank listings on October 5 will catalyze rapid expansion, driving TAMA token prices to all-time highs and resulting in profits of more than 1,000%. Get your TAMA tokens listed on the OKX CEX/DEX to maximize your profits.

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