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New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, & Presales Today – Magicverse, Marksman, GTAVI  

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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Newly released crypto assets can offer buyers a higher return on investment (ROI) – today we review various new coins on the market.

Investors are scrambling for hedging opportunities with the dollar facing impending uncertainties in the coming year. Crypto may become one of the favored instruments in the quest to build generational wealth.

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The heartbeats of crypto investors right now are the quest to find the next alpha, especially as the bull market faces uncertainties. However, discovering crypto with a high probability of success requires access to sufficient market data and analysis. This review includes a special mention of Launchpadxyz, which promises to give investors consistent insight into the crypto market to identify the next alpha before it becomes popular. Additionally, the review covers several other tokens listed in the last 24 hours. 

1. Magicverse (ORB)

Magicverse is a new crypto project focused on providing multi-chain DeFi access to its token holders. According to its whitepaper, Magicvers aims at achieving decentralisation through the use of ORB, the native currency of the platform. It claims it provides Staking, NFTs, Play-to-Earn games, Yield Farming, Collectibles, etc, intending to help users reach and build wealth with decentralized Financing. Furthermore, Magicvers users, according to its website, have the chance to earn passive income from the chains that support ORB. In that case, when they stake ORB on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Cronos, they earn passive income in the native crypto of the platform. More information about Magicverse is included in the snippet below. 

Magicverse Price Chart

All Magicverse utilities requiring either Orbs or NFTs are fully operational on every supported chain. It means investors can participate in all features, such as the farm yield system, from any chain and generate passive income in the corresponding chain’s native coin. Magicverse is an exciting decentralized multi-chain crypto project that utilizes DeFi to provide diverse functionalities. Staking, NFTs, Yield Farming, Collectibles, a Play-to-Earn RPG game, and various other features collectively create an engaging environment, offering users a one-of-a-kind experience. Orb, the primary token of Magicverse, operates across multiple chains with a shared total supply. Beyond its financial role, Orb is essential for most of Magicverse’s operations, playing a central role within the ecosystem. 

ORB has a price of  $0.000009 today and about $497,000 of ORBs changed hands in the last 24 hours.  The new token has a ranking of #5809 on CoinMarketCap. Also, its total supply is reported to be 10 billion tokens, but the value of its circulating supply remains unreported.

2. Marksman (MARKS) 

Traders who wish to succeed in the crypto market must have access to information and tools that put them ahead of the curve. Marksman claims it’s on a mission to fill the gap. The new crypto project is positioning itself as the one-stop shop information aggregator. It claims that its features allow users to effectively interact with blockchain contracts, allowing them to watch, track, filter, and track any contract on their watch. Moreover, its users are said to have access to all contact metrics, making it easier to view performance in real-time. More importantly, all the features of Marksman are accessible from a single dashboard, as reported by its website. 

Today, MARKS sells for $1.92, and its 24-hour trading volume is $251,560.18. However, data about its circulating supply and maximum supply are currently unavailable, but the new token is listed on Uniswap V2 (Ethereum). 


Gaming has been a go-to relief for humans since the advent of electronics and digital media. Unsurprisingly, new blockchain and crypto-based projects are capitalizing on this established human habit. GTAVI is raising a community of gaming enthusiasts willing to take urban life beyond the screens and living rooms. It offers the GTAVI token as the bond that keeps the community together, allowing everyone to build wealth, even as they have fun. According to its whitepaper, users have access to a decentralized marketplace that embodies the blend of the urban experience and culture characteristic of its community. It further claims that the vision is to continue growing the community until it becomes one of the top-ranking cryptocurrencies in the industry. The summary of its CoinMarketCap description is captured below. 

GTAVI Price Chart

GTAVI embodies the fusion of urban culture with the dynamic world of cryptocurrency. Designed to emulate the energy and diversity of a bustling cityscape, this digital asset aims to create an inclusive financial ecosystem where innovation and community thrive. With its urban-inspired ethos, GTAVI offers a gateway for enthusiasts to engage with a vibrant, decentralized marketplace while embracing the spirit of the streets.

GTAVI is an Ethereum-based project, and its native cryptocurrency is the GTAVI. The price of GTAVI today is $0.0000005555, and its trading volume in the last 24 hours is $290,302.04. Due to its current price, the market cap of GTAVI is averaged at $352.88M, which gives it a ranking of #3925 on CoinMarketCap. At press time, the new coin has a maximum supply of 690 trillion coins, but the value of its circulating supply is unknown. Finally, GTAVI is listed on Uniswap v2. 

4. LaunchpadXYZ (LPX) 

LaunchpadXYZ is out to help traders discover crypto alpha before they hit the mainstream. It provides updates on crypto market trends and opportunities. 

Not only that, Launchpadxyz can be described as the one-stop shop for everything crypto; it offers information, news, updates, tips, signals, and a lot more, especially information about new projects heading for massive success. Its token, LPX, is currently on presale with a discounted price of $0.0445. Moreover, investors who purchase LPX earn a 4% bonus, but the bonus offer will be off the table in three days. 

Furthermore, one uniqueness of LaunchpadXYZ presale is that the project does not wait until it is fully launched before it provides value to investors. LPX holders gain access to several benefits based on the tier of their investment. The first tier is the $50, which provides access to $LPX token allocation, Weekly market summary email, and Basic Telegram channel access. 

Other benefits exist for the investors who acquire a large volume of LPX. The benefits include NFT passcard drop, Weekly market summary email, Main Telegram channel access, minimum LPQ validated trade per week, VIP Telegram channel access, Special investor updates, Unlimited access on our launch, Exclusive Private community, VIP AMA with founder, and Exclusive ALPHA only insight. 

Visit Launchpad XYZ presale.

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