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New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, & Presales Today – Glitch, 99Bitcoins, Biturbo

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Over the past week, different events have influenced the cryptocurrency market, sparking a cautious sentiment. Top digital assets, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, have seen significant liquidations during this period. For instance, BTC has witnessed liquidations from Mt. Gox’s continued creditor compensation and sale from the US and German governments. However, Germany’s surprise $111 million Bitcoin buyback has prompted speculation of a potential market reversal.

In light of this, investors are searching for low-capped tokens, particularly new cryptocurrency releases, listings, and presales today, for easy market entry. InsideBitcoins tokens that best t fit this description, detailing their features, utilities, and market prospects.

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, and Presales Today

TON Glitch is an innovative play-to-earn (P2E) gaming platform that leverages the TON network to integrate cryptocurrency into its ecosystem. Meanwhile, 99Bitcoins offers a unique cryptocurrency and blockchain education approach through its “Learn-to-Earn” project. 

The recent funding success of over $2.3 million by 99Bitcoins indicates its increasing adoption in the cryptocurrency market. Additionally, Biturbo introduces a hybrid EVM blockchain that combines Proof of Transaction (PoT) and Proof of Liquidity (PoL). Moreover, Bitcoin ETF investors bought the dip on Friday, with inflows topping $140 million.

1. Glitch (GLITCH)

TON Glitch is an innovative play-to-earn (P2E) gaming platform that leverages the TON network to integrate cryptocurrency into its ecosystem. It offers engaging games designed to captivate players and their friends, making the experience both rewarding and enjoyable.

First and foremost, the platform emphasizes community building. Users who join TON Glitch become part of an exclusive group, thereby gaining privileges such as early game access, $GLITCH token airdrops, and the ability to influence the project’s future. This approach, in turn, creates a robust and engaged user base at the forefront of blockchain gaming innovation.

Moreover, the $GLITCH token plays a central role in the platform, serving as more than just a medium of exchange. It allows users to participate in skill-based and strategy-driven games, competing with $GLITCH and $TON tokens. Consequently, this competition tests players’ abilities and offers attractive rewards, enhancing the gaming experience.

Glitch Price Chart

In addition to its core features, TON Glitch has established several strategic partnerships to enhance its offerings. The collaboration with SnakeTon provides users with thrilling and rewarding gaming opportunities. Furthermore, by partnering with the fast-growing Telegram game Yescoin, users can earn rewards through various in-game activities and join the TON blockchain community.

Additionally, the partnership with Moons SocialFi, a leading SocialFi platform on the TON blockchain, focuses on marketing and community growth efforts. Similarly, Insectsvip, known for its successful presale on the TON blockchain, adds additional value and excitement to users. Moreover, working with TonAlchemists, a prominent community platform, aims to innovate within the $TON ecosystem.

Likewise, the collaboration with REKT, a meme social gambling platform on TON, introduces a unique element to the gaming experience. Finally, partnering with Kibble aims to bring exciting changes to the TON blockchain.

Overall, TON Glitch is a promising platform in the blockchain gaming space. It integrates cryptocurrency to create an engaging and rewarding user experience. With a strong focus on community and strategic partnerships, it aims to innovate and grow within the TON network.

2. 99Bitcoins (99BTC)

Next is 99Bitcoins, offering a unique cryptocurrency and blockchain education approach through its “Learn-to-Earn” project. The recent funding success of over $2.3 million by 99Bitcoins indicates its increasing adoption in the cryptocurrency market. Launched by the established 99Bitcoins platform, known for its user-friendly blockchain education, the project shows potential. This is reflected in its market hype and the development team’s choice to allocate $99,999 worth of Bitcoin through an airdrop for early community members.

99Bitcoins’ main feature is its “Learn-to-Earn” model, which rewards token holders for enhancing their blockchain knowledge through interactive courses and quizzes. As participants advance, they earn 99BTC directly to their wallets. Long-term holders also benefit from high APYs, currently set at 709%.

The project’s tokenomics, detailed in its whitepaper, reveal a thoughtful allocation strategy. The total supply is capped at 99 billion tokens, with 10.5% reserved for presale buyers, 14% for staking rewards, and 44.5% for community incentives and project growth.

Over 1.5 billion 99BTC tokens have been staked, reflecting market participants’ beliefs. Besides, the ongoing airdrop campaign, designed to reward 99 winners from over 6,900 entries, has generated considerable anticipation. The winners will be announced on July 19th. The focus on education, strategic token distribution, and appealing rewards makes the 99Bitcoins token a noteworthy option for investors exploring cryptocurrency opportunities.

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3. Biturbo (TBO)

Biturbo introduces a hybrid EVM blockchain that combines Proof of Transaction (PoT) and Proof of Liquidity (PoL). This approach aims to enhance network security and activity by drawing from the strengths of Bitcoin’s transaction network and Ethereum’s liquidity provisions.

PoT is an innovative consensus mechanism introduced by Biturbo that improves blockchain security, participation, and efficiency. Traditional consensus methods, such as Proof of Work (PoW) or Proof of Stake (PoS), rely on computational power or token holdings. 

On the other hand, PoT bases its consensus on transaction activity. Validators are selected and rewarded based on the number and volume of transactions they process. This incentivizes network participation and ensures that the blockchain remains secure and efficient.

TBO Price Chart

In PoT, the security of the network is driven by transaction activity. Validators are chosen based on their activity in processing transactions, increasing their chances of validating new blocks. Biturbo integrates Bitcoin’s transaction data to enhance its PoT mechanism, benefiting from Bitcoin’s robust security measures. 

Validators are rewarded proportionally to the transaction fees they process on the Bitcoin network. This promotes active participation and maintains network integrity. Unlike PoW, PoT is less resource-intensive, significantly reducing the environmental impact of blockchain operations while maintaining security and decentralization.

Validators verify transactions on the Bitcoin network, which are then recorded on the Biturbo blockchain. Validators with higher transaction processing volumes are prioritized for block production, ensuring active participants consistently secure the network. PoT adapts to varying transaction volumes, maintaining security and efficiency even during high network congestion. Additionally, leveraging Bitcoin’s transaction network provides additional stability, ensuring high security and reliability standards.

TBO Tweet

Using Bitcoin’s secure transaction network, Biturbo ensures robust security against attacks and unauthorized alterations. The shift from energy-intensive PoW to transaction-focused PoT reduces energy consumption, contributing to environmental sustainability. Moreover, the reward system incentivizes validators to process transactions actively, ensuring continuous engagement and network health.

Biturbo has formed strategic partnerships to enhance its ecosystem. For instance, a collaboration with Bool Network, a decentralized Bitcoin verification layer, enhances Biturbo’s security and scalability through technologies like DHC, Ring VRF, ZKP, and MPC. 

Additionally, collaboration with UXUY, a decentralized exchange, symbolizes a new stage in Biturbo’s development, offering new opportunities for investors and developers. Partnering with Oooo Money aims to improve interoperability for seamless cross-chain transactions and liquidity in Bitcoin Layer 2 technologies. Biturbo has also announced a refund program for users who participated in the UXUY Launchpad, allowing them to get a refund with their purchased tokens.

In conclusion, Biturbo’s integration of PoT and PoL mechanisms presents a novel approach to blockchain security and participation. By leveraging Bitcoin’s transaction network and Ethereum’s liquidity, Biturbo aims to create a secure, efficient, and environmentally sustainable blockchain. Furthermore, the strategic partnerships further strengthen its ecosystem, providing opportunities for innovation and development.

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