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New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings & Presales Today – BoltBot,  Moontopia, yPredict

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The crypto experiences an influx of new tokens every day. That’s why we provide a curated list of some of the new cryptocurrency releases, listings & presales on CoinMarketCap and other exchanges. Ultimately, the goal is to keep you informed about the latest happening and the type of crypto projects that are getting favored by teams around the world. Today’s list features a mix of memecoins and utility tokes that cut across a wide range of categories.

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings & Presales Today

The new tokens featured below bring new solutions to existing problems in our world and various crypto sectors. In addition, yPredict is also included in the list below. Although it is an upcoming crypto, it made the list as one of the best-performing presales currently. Read further to discover more about its presale offer. 

1. BoltBot (BOLT)

BoltBot describes itself as an ERC 20 platform that’s out to rethink the way traders approach the crypto market. According to the information shared on its website, the BoltBot platform spotlights an upbeat token launch before it becomes mainstream. In its claims, it states that the platform interacts with the smart contracts across all blockchains. It also features several services on its website which include Boltbot Sniper, MEV protection, Auto trigger, and others. According to the warning sign on its coin page on CoinMarketCap, the BoltBot smart contract is mutable. Therefore, users are advised to take note of that. Find out more about BoltBot from its CoinMarketCap description below. 


BoltBot is an ERC20 project that offers a game-changing platform that is here to transform your cryptocurrency trading experience. Our mission is simple: to empower traders of all levels with a seamless and efficient solution in the ever-evolving world of digital assets. We understand the importance of speed, security, and profitability in the cryptocurrency market. That’s why we’ve built BoltBot from the ground up, with a focus on lightning-fast transactions that ensure you never miss out on lucrative trading opportunities. At BoltBot, your security is our utmost priority. We’ve implemented robust measures to safeguard your transactions and protect you from potential risks that exist in the crypto space. You can trade with peace of mind, knowing that your assets are secure. But BoltBot is more than just a platform – it’s your companion on the exciting journey of cryptocurrency trading. 

As of today, the price of BOLT is $0.315011. In the last 24 hours, over $43,530.42 worth of Bolt moved across the market. However, nothing is known of the circulating supply of BOLT and its max supply is pegged at 1 million coins. CoinMarketCap ranks Bolt at #4096 and it’s listed on Uniswap v2. 

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Deez Nuts claims to be a platform that is focused on fun, humor, and mutual interest. It further explains that it’s bringing a lighthearted approach to the crypto world and blockchain technology as a whole. According to its website, Deez Nuts is building a community of meme lovers that’s committed to mutual engagement and fun. Its description on CoinMarketCap is featured in the snippet below. 

Deez Nuts

Built upon the foundations of humor and irony, $DEEZ NUTS offers a unique and lighthearted approach to the world of blockchain technology. Backed by a dedicated community of meme enthusiasts, its blockchain, aptly named the “Nutchain,” ensures secure and transparent transactions, while its mining process, appropriately referred to as “cracking the nut,” encourages widespread participation (just kidding, there is no mining process)

There is a need to be aware that the Deez Nuts coin page has a warning sign indicating that its smart contract could be changed. DEEZ as of press time is priced at $0.005658 with a trading volume of $4,478,126. According to CoinMarketCap, DEEZ ranks #2660, but the exact value of its market cap is unknown. Currently, the new crypto has a max supply of 996,095,821and it is listed on Uniswap v2.

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3. Moontopia (TOPIA)

Moontopia describes itself as a type of celestial sanctuary.  According to its website, the platform is out to do away with many of the excesses of memecoin to allow its community to focus on what truly matters, which is engagement. According to its website, the platform would avoid the sell tax and give more priority to buyback, burns, and other beneficial activities to enhance mutual prosperity. At the moment, there is no defined utility for its token as the platform is focused on creating a community of meme lovers. The description below provides more details about the project.  


With every buy, the sell tax is reduced by 2%, encouraging holders to support the project and benefit from a growing ecosystem. Conversely, each sale increases the sell tax by 2%, ensuring a balanced and sustainable growth of the token. The sell tax is capped at 20%, preventing excessive taxes. Within the Moontopia ecosystem, token holders enjoy various benefits, including reflections, buybacks, and burns. A portion (35%) of the dynamic sell tax is distributed as reflections to existing holders, rewarding them for holding the tokens. Another 35% of the sell tax is allocated for buybacks and burns, enhancing the token’s value by reducing the total supply. Additionally, 30% of the selling tax is directed towards development, ensuring continuous improvements to the Moontopia project. By participating in Moontopia, users have the opportunity to unlock boundless riches and embark on a journey to financial abundance.

TOPIA as of today sells for $0.001233 and over $138,761 worth of TOPIA changed hands in the last 24 hours. Furthermore, the CoinMarketCap ranking places TOPIA at #3377 with a market cap of $1 million. Its circulating supply is currently unknown, but it has a max supply of TOPIA pegged at 1 billion tokens.

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Hobo Universe presents itself as a project built by HOBO DAO. According to its whitepaper, the project is out to resolve the issues of security and centralization bedeviling the DeFi sector. It also claims that its project intends to make DeFi solutions more accessible to the masses through the HOBO Protocol. It further describes the HOBO protocol as a noncustodial DeFi protocol for liquid staking of POF crypto assets, ANM for stablecoins, and ERC 20 tokens.  Read the description from CoinMarketCap featured below for more highlights. 

Hobo universe

Introducing the Hobo Universe Project: Empowering Digital Currency for a Decentralized Future. HOBO, the official cryptocurrency of the Hobo universe ecosystem, is revolutionizing the way we perceive and utilize digital currency. Designed as an ERC20 token, HOBO is built to be deflationary, ensuring a limited supply of only 30 million tokens. Our core focus is to maximize decentralization through our tokenomics. And providing users with a secure and transparent financial experience. Safety and reliability are paramount to us. That’s why we have built HOBO using the OpenZeppelin smart contract, which has undergone rigorous audits to ensure the utmost security for our community. The source code is open source, allowing everyone to review it and ensure its integrity.

HOBO currently has a price of $0.002487 and its trading volume in the last 24 hours amounts to $230.79. According to the information available on CoinMarketCap, HOBO has a market cap of $11,729 and is ranked at #6870. There is no information about its circulating supply, however, its max supply is limited to 30 million HOBO coins. Besides being featured on CoinMarketCap, HOBO is also listed on ArcherSwap, LFGSwap (Core), and IceCreamSwap (Core). 

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5. yPredict (YPRED)

yPredict is gradually moving to the end of its stage 6 presale with over $2.7 million in funds raised so far. The sixth stage of presale ends as soon as the funds cross $2.9 million. What it means is that the coin would no longer be available at its current price of $0.09. The new presale price is set at $1. However, there’s still a little window before the coin crosses into the new price. 

What is yPredict all about? YPredict is described as the all-in-one AI ecosystem that grants traders access to high-end artificial intelligence and machine learning models for better trading decisions. The platform features a predictive model designed by experts which supply real-time AI signals to traders. Likewise, it features sentiment analysis and technical analysis carried out by a widely trained artificial intelligence model. In addition, the yPredict AI model is trained to recognize over 25 chart patterns on whatever coin traders feed into its parameters. 

There is still more. Ypredict platform features backlink calculators for website optimization and access to the tool is available to YPRED token holders. It just completed a beta test of the tool recently with thousands of respondents from across the world. At the moment yPredict has a waitlist that holds over 20000 people who already bought into the vision. The platform holds immense value to traders and nontraders and now might be the best time to get on board.

Visit yPredict presale.

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