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New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, and Presales Today – Inscribe, CRYPTO CLOUDS, Cadence Protocol

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Newly released crypto assets can offer buyers a higher return on investment (ROI). Today, we reviewed various new coins on the market. As the crypto market volatility resurges, a new cryptocurrency called Bitcoin Minetrix has gained popularity as presale nears its end.

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, and Presales Today 

Bitcoin Minetrix is attracting so much attention now that its presale nears its end. Let’s examine three new cryptocurrencies. It is important to note that predicting the continual upward trends is sometimes accompanied by unexpected developments.

1. Inscribe (INS)

Inscribe is a leading protocol for inscriptions, a blockchain transaction that embeds data. This protocol is crucial in blockchain technology, offering secure data storage and access in decentralized blockchains. By leveraging blockchain technology, inscribe enriches its platform by embedding non-blockchain data.

Also, the protocol’s data inscription has drawn interest from industries and institutions seeking improved data security. The embedded data inscribed by this protocol is tamperproof and readily available, increasing confidence in blockchain transactions.

Moreover, all data embedded into blockchain transactions, or Inscriptions, is managed by Inscribe, the main protocol. This protocol is highly usable and efficient for users on diverse blockchain platforms like EVM blockchains. By creating Inscribe, it has made inscriptions readily available to every one of us just by pressing a button.

Inscribe Price Chart

However, the point of the protocol is the fact that it focuses on EVM blockchains, BRC20/CBRC20, Dogechain, Injective, and non-EVM chains. It can be inferred that sometimes it is important to be able to adjust to different blockchain environments. This large compatibility guarantees users from all blockchain networks gain the privilege of utilizing Inscribe’s advantages and capabilities.

Additionally, Inscribe’s approach to borderless possibilities provides a platform for unrestrained use and fun with blockchain data. Inscribe helps users harness blockchain data and propagate global penetration through originating transactions.

Inscribe is a multi-reliant platform that works smoothly on several blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Avalanche, ZkSync, Binance Smart Chain, Arbitrum, Base, Fantom, Gnosis, and Polygon, in its 0.1 version. The user interface is straightforward, allowing easy engagement with desired blockchain networks using Inscribe. 

The key organizing principle of the platform is its unified liquidity and simple user experience across several blockchain networks. Inscribe version 0.1 focuses on providing seamless favorite networks and platforms.

Today, Inscribe is priced at $0.572733 and has a 24-hour trading volume of $8,848,901. In the last 24 hours, Inscribe has declined by -12.71%. XT.COM has become the leading cryptocurrency trading platform for Inscribe stock.


CLOUD was among the early meme tokens on the internet computer, debuting in February 2023. The team aims to establish an exciting relationship between the first decentralized cloud blockchain platform and the meme world. It is intended to promote the trading of the volume of tokens on the Internet Computer platform.

Additionally, CLOUD is provided on a regular basis to holders of CLOUD NFT. Moreover, airdrops have been issued to Top Collection NFT wielders, GHOST holders, and a few lucky giveaway winners. CLOUD is a meme token on the Internet Computers’ blockchain that is an autonomous cloud-based computing software. 

Crypto Cloud Price chart

CLOUD is unique, serving the internet computer blockchain, unlike meme tokens on Ethereum or BSC. The project aims to empower internet computer users and strengthen its influence in the DeFi sector. When you follow CRYPTO CLOUDS on Twitter, you have the possibility of offering to win the tokens occasionally. To sign up, check them out on Twitter for more updates and availability of this opportunity.

The Internet Computer is a popular blockchain platform known for strong security and meme token usage like CLOUD. It’s developed as a secure token vault and transfer processor with advanced encryption to prevent threats. The Internet computer has top security and high scalability, enabling fast transactions and stable tokens. 

The Crypto Clouds token is currently valued at $0.000325 with a 24-hour trading volume of $514.88. The past periods of the last 24 hours show an increase in CRYPTO CLOUDS by 8.13%. Sonic is the leading crypto exchange trading CRYPTO CLOUDS stock at the moment.

3. Cadence Protocol (CAD)

Cadence Protocol, the first perpetual aggregator, aims to act upon user intent and will launch on Canto. The protocol aims to optimize liquidity by incorporating Real World Assets, Contract-Secured Revenue, and Liquid Staking Derivatives. This integration will allow Cadence to provide a new way through which perpetuals trading can be done.

However, Cadence Protocol will be able to integrate deeply into Cadence’s intent-based execution framework, Symphony. This will solve liquidity fragmentation, improve dApp user experience, and drive DeFi to new levels. The Cadence Protocol holds CAD as its main utility and value capture instrument. As the CAD token grows in Symphony and integrates with Service, the value is likely to increase.

Cadence Protocol price chart

Also, Additional applications and advantages include transfer fee revenue to CAD and CLP stakers, governance voting rights, and long-term protocol growth via exit fee. Rise of rewards and incentives, referral program rewards, solvers committing CAD to adopt symphony.

The CAD token is key in driving engagement and incentives, participating, governing, and creating value. This process enables Cadence’s multi-asset pool (CLP) to create economies for auto-compounding, collateralization, and leveraged yield.

By Q3 2024, Cadence will install an intent-centric infrastructure to revolutionize DeFi dynamics. This intent network is intent-centric and uses account abstraction to streamline cross-protocol transactions.

Furthermore, Cadence is an intermediary between protocols to make an integration point where a whole interdependent system is created. The super-app aims to concentrate all activities and enable access to Cadence Intent infrastructure. The interoperability encourages a competitive environment between protocols, benefitting users and ensuring DeFi growth.

Cadence Protocol’s current price is $0.173529, with a 24-hour trading volume of $1,007,781. Cadence Protocol experienced a decrease of 11.32% in the last 24 hours. As for the best cryptocurrency exchanges for trading Cadence Protocol stock, The current leaders are XT.COM, Uniswap v3 (Ethereum), and Uniswap v2.

4. Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX)

Bitcoin Minetrix is a cloud mining platform where individuals can mine BTC (tokenized) and earn income. The idea of the platform is to guarantee a safe and reliable environment for its users through tokenizing cloud mining.

The risks associated with third-party cloud mining scams, as well as the high hardware costs and deceptive practices that keep people away from BTC mining, are among the major problems Bitcoin Minetrix addresses. Bitcoin Minetrix aims to alleviate these concerns by tokenizing cloud mining to place control in the hands of holders.

The decentralized cloud mining process involved users staking BTCMTX tokens to gain credits that can be used to earn bitcoin proceeds. This method guarantees a safe and transparent journey for miners.

Bitcoin Minetrix’s Stake-to-Mine concept enables regular crypto enthusiasts to participate in BTC mining by staking their mined BTCMTX tokens. To simplify this process, users need an Ethereum-compatible wallet, such as MetaMask, to purchase and stake the tokens.

 The BTC cloud mining power is then purchased with those tokens, which cannot be sold. This new innovative method aims to democratize Bitcoin mining and eliminate the cost associated with this process.

The $BTCMTX token is currently priced at $0.0131 and is accessible and available for purchase using ETH, USDT, or card.

Visit Bitcoin Minetrix presale. 

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