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New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, and Presales Today – EXGOLAND, UniDexAI, Canxium

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New crypto tokens can explode by the highest percentage margin – in this article, we highlight a range of new coin listings on exchanges. As the crypto market volatility resurges, a new digital currency called eTukTuk has gained popularity as presale nears its end.

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, and Presales Today

eTukTuk is gaining popularity now that its presale nears its end. Let’s examine three new cryptocurrencies. It is very important to note that predicting the continual upward trends is sometimes accompanied by unexpected developments.


EXGOLAND is a pioneering project aimed at creating an advanced metaverse powered by AI and the NFT market. This metaverse offers diverse activities like gaming, socializing, and trading non-fungible tokens in VR.

However, cutting-edge AI will help create interactive virtual landscapes for users to explore with AI-integrating characters. Also, the metaverse will be a network of information, and its distributed nature will ensure that people have control over their VR.

EXGOLAND Price Chart

Furthermore, in addition to the artificial intelligence-generated virtual spaces, EXGOLAND is an NFT market. NFTs, possessing a rarity of digital commodities, can warrant a popular factor because of their rarity and scarcity. The  EXGOLAND NFT market enables users to buy, sell, and trade virtual real estate and collectible items. 

Although the virtual world undergoes different influences so many times, the project EXGOLAND can be revolutionary. When AI and NFT collaborate, EXGOLAND creates an unprecedented metaverse that interacts with people. Regardless of one’s online role, EXGOLAND caters to gamers, socializers, and collectors with diverse offerings.

The current market price of EXGOLAND is $0.060931, with a 24-hour trading volume of $163,523. EXGOLAND has significantly risen by 435.32% over this period. Jupiter and Raydium are the main centralized cryptocurrency exchanges for trading EXGOLAND stock at the moment.


The UniDexAI is the most popular decentralized exchange that works on the programming of Ethereum. It offers a Uniswap-like trading experience with integrated AI contract audits, extensive charting, and rich order books.

Also, in the case of running trading bots like Maestro, Banana Gun, or Unibot, your private keys and crypto are exposed to theft. Nonetheless, UniDexAI does not save the private key, and you authenticate every transaction from individual wallets.

UNIDEXAI Price Chart

Additionally, our platform incorporates simple and intuitive interfaces with insightful technologies to enable an easy trading process. You can get detailed charts, which provide the market analysis necessary to make informed decisions when trading. 

Improve the security of your activities when you trade with our AI-based contract audits, making a reliable and secure transaction possible. Our preview pair scanner lets you uncover trading opportunities within seconds, enabling you to remain informed and ahead of the competition in a dynamic market.

UniDEXAI’s current value is $5.63, and its 24-hour trading volume is $189,964; in the past 24 hours, the coin has gained +33.22%. The circulating Supply is not known, with a maximum supply of 1 million coins.

3. Canxium (CAU)

The Canxium is the next-generation platform using Proof of Work (PoW) to change the blockchain ecosystem by introducing offline mining. This implies that miners can receive rewards for coping with their mining process and its difficulties even without an internet connection.

However, Canxium features offline mining, allowing miners to transact outside the network while conducting their affairs. The concept of a supply control mechanism, which Canxium places under its special characteristics, is another unique feature. The Canxium native coin, CAU, adjusts its total supply based on market demand, unlike other coins. 

Canxium Price Chart

Furthermore, apart from its mining and supply control mechanisms, which are offline, Canxium has numerous other important functionalities. It secures its blockchain with the help of the PoW mechanism, implying decentralization. This platform gives way to universal access; users have an opportunity to mine under any circumstances, regardless of location or the device that is used. 


When the request for CAU rises because of such factors as adoption, utility, or investor interest, it can increase Canxium’s price. This results in greater prizes for minors who will be motivated to contribute more powerful computing power to the network, hence creating even more CAUs. Low demand leads to lower rewards.

Canxium involves low transaction fees, which makes it an excellent choice for users due to its reasonable costs. The platform promotes secure storage by charging contract creators a minimum of 100 CAU per contract. This feature should reduce spam contracts in the network.

Canxium is currently priced at $4.12, and its trading volume over the last 24 hours is $506,608. Within the last 24 hours, Canxium has increased by 36.43%. The top platforms where you can trade Canxium stock are MEXC and Xeggex.

4. eTukTuk (TUK)

eTukTuk utilizes AI technology to revolutionize transportation in developing nations and potentially globally. The company focuses on creating a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles powered by blockchain technology.

Also, the $TUK token drives efficiency in the crypto industry through AI-powered advancements. Its focus is optimizing routes to reduce traffic and minimize fuel consumption, promoting sustainable transport practices.

Additionally, $TUK supports eco-friendly innovations in transportation and invests in AI research to align its token presale efforts with environmental goals. This emphasizes the importance of green transportation solutions.

Furthermore, $TUK tokens pioneer smart infrastructure for intelligent transport systems by leveraging AI-enhanced blockchain technology. It aims to advance green initiatives in real-time, contributing to the development of sustainable transportation networks.

Moreover, the integration of AI in $TUK facilitates predictive maintenance scheduling interventions to prolong vehicle life and minimize wastage. This proactive approach creates a reliable and eco-friendly crypto token that prioritizes sustainability and efficiency. The $eTuktuk token, priced at $0.026, is accessible for purchase using USDT, BNB, or card payment. 

This presale opportunity allows individuals to invest in a project to impact the world positively. Investors can contribute to developing a better and more sustainable future by participating in this presale.

Visit eTuktuk presale. 

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