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New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, and Presales Today – Anon, OORT, Whales Market

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We are exploring new cryptocurrencies recently added to various cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Given the general volatility of the crypto market, a new crypto asset Bitcoin Minetrix has gained popularity as its presale period draws to a close.

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, and Presales Today

The crypto market is volatile, characterized by recurring bulls and bears. Amid all the turbulence, a new cryptocurrency asset, Bitcoin Minetrix, has hit the scene and is attracting attention from the crypto community.

Bitcoin Minetrix presale is drawing to its close, thrilling crypto lovers with its expectancy to grow further. Bitcoin Minetrix is anticipated to be a market heavyweight, but it is yet to prove itself.

This article will discuss three new cryptocurrencies, and a presale coin, Bitcoin Minetrix. Although the crypto Market has seen some positive developments, it’s worth remembering to be careful and watchful of the unpredictable nature of this volatile market. 

1. Anon (ANON)

The ERC404 standard by ANON is a game changer in the NFT ecosystem as it helps achieve more transaction orders. This standard is designed to improve liquidity and solve rarity functionally issues that the original 404 lacked. ERC721 eliminates auctions, making NFT trading easier for buyers and sellers than on the open sea.

However, implementing the new ERC404 standard has made trading in the NFT Market easier and smoother for traders. This innovation will positively affect the NFT segment, making participation in operations more straightforward and effective.


ANON Price Chart

Also, with its upgrade, ANON implemented several significant updates that make the NFTs better in terms of functionality and value. One of the most significant changes is the ability to track NFTs in circulation and owners. This allows them to retain their uniqueness and value while delivering the transparency necessary for buyers and sellers.

NFTs could be compared to a deck of cards, and in doing so, ERC404 is also aimed at establishing standards for such. When a token is bought, it corresponds to randomly taking one NFT from the deck. The token-NFT relationship assures us that it returns to the deck when an NFT is sold. 

Furthermore, the update facilitates auction sales in which the NFT and associated tokens are successfully transferred to the buy owner. This characteristic increases the market liquidity of NFT, enabling purchase and sale processes by individual users.

Additionally, the move towards further blockchain development will likely make the NFT marketplace stronger and more efficient, resulting in mutual benefit for creators and collectors in the digital asset space.

At the moment, the price of Anon is $7,335.11, and the trading volume is $7,131,543 in the last 24 hours. Anon has fallen by 60.84% over the previous 24 hours.


OORT works with decentralized cloud solutions, which concentrate on the combination of global computing and storage resources. The aims point to how business operations should be fostered by providing AI solutions that pay attention to measuring privacy and value for money. OORT’s platform includes several critical components designed to address specific needs.

Furthermore, OORT offers a safe AI platform for businesses to integrate artificial intelligence quickly and flexibly. Builder Platform that allows enterprises to plug a flexible AI into their operations quickly and safely. The focus on reliability guarantees that the AI solutions offered by OORT pay attention to accuracy in facts.

OORT Price Chart

Also, OORT provides an offsite storage platform in high availability, ensuring a secured location for data storage, including retrieval processes anywhere. This feature provides data storage and accessibility without location or infrastructure restrictions.

Like other decentralized hubs, OORT provides a vessel of development tools for developers. Developers can use SDKs to build and test applications, integrate OORT services with interfaces, and monitor performance with debugging frameworks. Such developer tools strive to simplify the process of using a developed lineup.

However, OORT’s approach is regarded as unique in the tech community. For this reason, many companies believe that they can trust it. Moreover, it has established alliances with Lenovo Image’s Customer Service, attracting a substantial accuracy rate of AI solutions.

Additionally, OORT has partnered with corporate heavyweights like DELL, LECOM, and BNB Chain. An expert execution team and board of advisers from the best industry veterans strengthened the position of this company in AI DePin technology.

The current price of OORT is $0.231303, and the trading volume is $466,535 over the last 24 hours. OORT has decreased by 4.44% over the previous 24 hours.

3. Whales Market (WHALES)

Whales Market is a decentralized OTC trading platform enabling direct asset transfers between blockchains. The platform provides full trustlessness and security to the users.

Furthermore, Whales Market uniquely aims to temper the hazards of peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading. Informal peer-to-peer commercialization needs more security despite social groups, private messages, and some centralized platforms helping transactions. This exposes traders to scams and fraud due to sellers not delivering tokens as promised.

Whales Market Price Chart

The Whales Market platform offers a more secure and transparent environment where OTC trading can be executed reliably for buyers and sellers to settle on their commitments through paid execution products without getting liable for any danger, undercutting, or taking freedom of exchange.

However, Whales Market is a platform providing a secure OTC trading environment. The platform aims to decentralize the technological process to avoid intermediaries, thus maintaining security and integrity.

The price of Whales Market now is $2.20, where trading volume for the last 24 hours is $16,721,795. There has been a 20.11% downfall in wholesale market price in the previous 24 hours.

4. Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX)

Bitcoin Minetrix is a cloud mining platform enabling one to mine tokenized BTC and make money. The central concept behind the platform is to provide a safe and reliable atmosphere for its customers due to tokenizing cloud mining.

However, the identification of cloud mining scams, high equipment costs, and deceptive deals drive people away from mining cryptocurrency. However, Bitcoin Minetrix offers a solution for these problems. Bitcoin Minetrix strives to eliminate such concerns by turning cloud mining into a digital token, thus empowering token holders.

The distributed cloud mining process had users staking BTCMTX tokens to acquire credits, which earned them bitcoin revenues. The method guarantees a secure and open mining process.

Furthermore, the Stake-to-Mine concept that Bitcoin Minetrix implements allows cryptocurrency enthusiasts to join BTC mining by staking the mined BTCMTX tokens. Users require an Ethereum-compatible wallet like MetaMask to buy and stake the tokens for simplicity.

BTC mining power is bought with those tokens that cannot be sold. This newly proposed approach aims to democratize Bitcoin mining by removing the expenditure for this procedure. The $BTCMTX costs $0.0133 and is available for purchase now using ETH, USDT, or a card.

Visit Bitcoin Minetrix presale.

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