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New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, and Presales Today – Trestle, Animalia, NAVX Token

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We are exploring new cryptocurrencies recently listed on various cryptocurrency exchange platforms. As the volatility of the crypto market continues, a new crypto asset named Meme Kombat has gained popularity as its presale period nears its end.

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, and Presales Today

The world of digital currencies is constantly in motion, with the crypto market experiencing regular ups and downs. But amidst all the chaos, a new crypto asset, Meme Kombat, is making waves and capturing the crypto community’s attention. 

The close of Meme Kombat’s presale is drawing to a close, which has captured the interest of crypto enthusiasts due to its promising potential for future growth. All eyes are on Meme Kombat to see how it will perform in the market and whether it will live up to its potential

This article will delve into three new cryptocurrencies, but the spotlight is on Meme Kombat. While it’s true that there have been encouraging developments in the crypto market, it’s essential to remain vigilant and exercise caution in this ever-changing landscape. We urge you to look out for potential risks and approach this exciting world with a measured and careful attitude.


Trestle’s mission is to bring together the modular blockchain network of Celestia and decentralized protocols as well as the user base of Ethereum. In this sense, Trestle seeks to provide the concept of interoperability and interaction requirements between Celestia’s blockchain network operation and Ethereum. Trestle swiftly connects people and the course for efficient resource and information exchange.

However, the Trestle provides an interstellar bridge that makes asset swapping between Celestia and Ethereum blockchain safe and smooth. This bridge makes the exchange of assets between two blockchains possible, increasing their applied interoperability and accessibility for users.

Trestle Price Chart

Furthermore, Trestle intends to develop a roll-up layer called Trestle Chain (TChain ) for Celestia. This layer will offer expansion capabilities to the Celestia ecosystem, allowing new and existing projects and teams to join the chain. The aim is to encourage further adoption, growth, and innovation within Celestia.

Besides Wrapped Tia (wTIA), Ethereum’s blockchain is brought by Trestle. What is a token that wraps Tia, Celestia’s native cryptocurrency in its blockchain network, to Ethereum? Such integration enables seamless trading and development for a vast pool of users who are already conversant with the Ethereum ecosystem. Trestle introduces wTIA to Ethereum, meaning that despite being off-chain for Ethereum users, they can still access TIA like any other tech token.

This functionality permits Ethereum users to buy TIA, Celestia’s native token, with direct transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. It offers a smooth pathway for user interaction with TIA within the Ethereum environment.

Additionally, Trestle mainly aims to accumulate the rewards of TIA while acting as one of the significant validators within the Celestia network. This program moves Celestia towards decentralization, giving holders wTIA rewards and motivating their participation while supporting the network’s security.

TRESTLE is currently trading at $0.014041 with a 24-hour volume of $1,485,637. We maintain real-time TRESTLE to USD price updates. During the past 24 hours, TRESTLE has fallen by 25.01%.


Animalia is an online NFT trading card game where players collect and trade digital cards featuring meme creatures and gemstones. The game is separated into two Titan Gall federations, the Bull and Bear, which confer upon Animalia Kingdom. 

Also, it harnesses the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, making players complete owners of any in-game collectibles collected. It implies that gamers can purchase, sell, and exchange virtual cards based on individual decisions. The game has a fantastic meme creatures and gemstones collection, which is undoubtedly fun to play.

Animalia Price Chart

This game presents an easy learning curve, enabling the new player to understand and play it quickly. As a game, they will have fights with exercises using many certified cards that signify distinct beasts and moves. The titans who make up the universe in this game are larger than life, which further grooves on thrill and challenge as part of playing.

Moreover, the GameAnimalia combines strategy, humor, and whole accessibility. The game is suitable for any audience. It’s relatively easy to control, and its fantastic universe entertains everyone.

Today, the price of Animalia is $0.241011, while the 24-hour trading volume stands at $4735. Over the past 24 hours, Animalia has fallen by -0.2612%

3. NAVX Token (NAVX)

NAVI Protocol is a modular lending and borrowing infrastructure that uses the Move – the programming language of Facebook’s Diem Association. Their first flagship product is a One-stop Liquidity Protocol that provides lending and borrowing services. It has become Sui’s leading decentralized finance (DeFi) platform with $20m+ in total value locked (TVL).

Moreover, many investors and organizations back the NAVI Protocol, such as Mysten Labs and Coin98 Ventures AC Capital Viabt Galxe. Such backers offer their support and resources that help NAVI Protocol flourish in the DeFi arena and increase its operations. Move technology has been used for this protocol, illustrating a willingness to adopt innovation in decentralized finance.

NAVX price Chart

It empowers users to participate as liquidity providers or borrowers, lending assets into the market and generating yields passively. Bitget intends to increase user opportunities; investment in popular and valuable projects is growing with various digital assets on the spot market. Users can trade with NAVI Protocol (NAVX) through Bitget’s Innovation and DeFi Zone, where they can access state-of-the-art de-centralized finance tools.

In other news, Bitget is pleased to share that NAVI Protocol (NAVX) has been listed in its Innovation and DeFi Zone. NAVI Protocol is one of the first Sui One-Stop Liquidity within DeFi in the sui ecosystem that will govern how everything proceeds. 

NAVX Token trades at $0.126996, with a trading volume of 12,146597 USD yesterday. NAVX Token’s value has increased by 23.30% over the past 24 hours.

4. Meme Kombat (MK)

Meme Kombat ($MK) is a new ERC20 presale that sees the popular meme coins go to war. It introduces the betting platform on which fans wager their results in the battle arena.

With the introduction of the $MK coin, there is a new income-generating system through persons being allowed to place bets on meme combats outcomes with an estimated 112% APY. Using AI technology, this state-of-the-art presale platform demonstrates presentation features of realistic memes in interactive combat to enhance user engagement and interactivity.

Moreover, the battle arena employs blockchain to ensure transparency so that results cannot be changed and attained fairly. The uniqueness of Meme Kombat is embodied in the team – revealed to the public, and development plans for further promotion on market grounds during token integration.

Additionally, the token offers numerous wagering opportunities, a convenient user interface, and real-time bets during battles. The $ MK token is $0.279 and can be purchased using ETH and USDT.

Visit Meme Kombat presale.

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