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New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, and Presales Today – EDUM, Edge Matrix Computing, Bybyecar

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Edge Matrix Computing
Edge Matrix Computing

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InsideBitcoins daily evaluates new cryptocurrency releases, ICOs, and CoinMarketCap listings investors could potentially add to their portfolios. The presale of a new cryptocurrency is also gaining momentum as the crypto market volatility reemerges, and Bitcoin Minetrix is on the verge of closing.

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, and Presales Today

The imminent end of the presale of Bitcoin Minetrix creates much anticipation. In this article, we will discuss three newly listed cryptocurrencies. The exciting thing is that predicting long-term upward trends is still fraught with surprises.


Web3, known as EDUM, started working on 21st February 2023 by team members in South Korea and is an S2E platform, part of the X2E architecture. This platform is intended to offer a different approach to learning that nominalizes and credentials the learner’s study efforts. Thus, it gives them rewards for their learning activities, which act as motivation for sustained learning and academic excellence.

Moreover, the platform aims to revolutionize education by awarding credits based on student’s understanding and dedication. This motivates students to work hard in their studies and rewards them for their efforts.


EDUM Price Chart

Also, EDUM’s innovation is based on the 2X2E model, which compares traditional learning (X) to a more dynamic and rewarding educational experience (E). “Study to Earn” evolves into EDUM’s model to empower learners with tangible rewards as compensation.

EDUM represents an innovative approach that aims at a radical paradigm shift in the perception and application of education. It’s a new framework that encourages learning to gain information and profits, creating a dynamic and self-initiated approach. The system uses S2E Service Tools to help with goal setting, self-learning, recognition of successes, and earning possibilities. 

Furthermore, the said integration is integral to developing EDUM’s educational environment. Devised to promote and put emphasis on learning within a digital setting. In addition to this, the system partners with academic service providers to expand opportunities for platform subscribers.

The price of EDUM today is $0.870260; The trading volume for the day reached $154,776. The EDUM decreased by 5.62% for the past 24 hours. EDUM stock is available for purchase at the current rate, with LBank as the top cryptocurrency exchange.

2. Edge Matrix Computing (EMC)

EMC (Edge Matrix Computing) is a major decentralized AI computing power application network that aims to deliver high computing capabilities. It is one of the flagship projects in the AI computing power DePIN (Decentralized Public Infrastructure Network) category.

Another distinctive EMC characteristic is direct access to GPU (graphics processing unit) computing power assets by AI Applications. This allows EMC to provide such resources with low cost and ease of use to average developers and users. With AI and GPU computing power drifting, EMC narrowed the gap with EMC Hyperconverged Solutions and Storage for AI.

Edge Matrix Computing Price chart

In the decentralized and distributed internet space, and Web3 space, EMC is the only project connecting GPU computing power to AI applications. This peculiar positioning is integral to EMC’s democratic approach to ensure that AI development and usage are not limited to a few experts with powerful computers.

Distributed computing power providers can anticipate better value for resources, and AI developers and users have an efficient and affordable platform through AI computing power both for personal and professional purposes. This method then wishes to create an ecosphere for power computing and AI technologies.

By focusing on providing value for all stakeholders in distributed computing and AI sectors, EMC aims to be an active participant and influencer in the future of web3 and the AI age. Due to its dual-deflationary economic structure, EMC endeavors to facilitate sustainable growth and innovation for these industries entwined with one another.

Edge Matrix Computing (EMC) is now priced at $1.16, with a 24-hour trading volume of $223,687. During the past 24 hours, Edge Matrix Computing fell by up to 4.54%. The top cryptocurrency exchange to trade in Edge Matrix Computing is currently Uniswap v3 (Arbitrum).

4. Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX)

Bitcoin Minetrix is a cloud mining platform where individuals can mine BTC (tokenized) and earn income. This concept of the platform is to ensure a secure and reliable environment for its users by tokenizing cloud mining.

The risks associated with third-party cloud mining scams, high hardware costs, and deceptive practices that keep people away from BTC mining are among the significant problems Bitcoin Minetrix addresses. Therefore, to address these concerns, Bitcoin Minetrix promises cloud mining tokenization through which control over holders is established.

The decentralized cloud mining process required users to stake BTCMTX tokens to get credits that could be used to earn bitcoin proceeds. This approach guarantees a safe and straightforward journey for miners.

With the help of the Stake-to-Mine concept introduced by Bitcoin Minetrix, regular crypto enthusiasts can join BTC mining using their mined BTCMTX tokens. To ease this process, users must have an Ethereum-compatible wallet like MetaMask that allows them to buy and stake the tokens.

With such tokens, the BTC cloud mining power is acquired; these cannot be sold out. This innovative method aims to democratize Bitcoin mining and eliminate the associated cost.

The $BTCMTX token is currently priced at $0.0131 and is accessible and available for purchase using ETH, USDT, or card.

Visit Bitcoin Minetrix presale. 

3. Bybyecar (BBC)

Bybyecar is a company that wants to make a unified “super app” in the automobile domain. It seeks to narrow the void between the obsolete methods of the bygone days and the progressive technologies of tomorrow in the automobile industry. The company’s first vision is to create a scrap car mobile mediation service to address the lack of transparency in the Market. 

Bybyecar Price Chart

Mobile technology, “Bybyecar” intends to ease and make the process of brokering scrap car deals convenient, thereby offering its customers, dealers, and buyers efficient and honest services. On account of the scrap car mediation service, “Bybyecar” provides to both overhaul the used automobile sales and mediation administration. This project aims to revolutionize used car sales by innovating the penetration model to change how cars are bought and sold.

The end game of advancing an auto industry supper app is building a one-stop inventory offering car-related services. With this super app, users will enjoy simplicity and convenience in using mutual platforms whereby several automotive services are integrated. One of the super app’s main features is providing an ‘electric vehicle battery recycling service.’ 

Bybyecar is trading at $23.70, alongside the 24-hour trading volume of $384,636. If you are interested in buying Bybyecar at the current price, then the top platform for Bybyecar stock trade is BitForex.

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