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New Crypto to Explode Love Hate Inu Raises $1.8 Million & Enters Round Three of Presale

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

crypto traders believe Love Hate Inu Will flourish
crypto traders believe Love Hate Inu Will flourish

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Love Hate Inu, one of the newest and most distinctive additions to the meme coin market, was able to raised $1.8 million at the end of its stage two token presale. The third phase of Love Hate Inu presale has begun. But the tokens are quickly running out, now is the ideal opportunity to invest in this competitive meme coin.

Watch the video above for the complete Love Hate Inu crypto presale update, and subscribe to his YouTube channel for more crypto presale updates.

Love Hate Inu  Third Round Token Presale

The second stage of the Love Hate Inu token presale has already ended and was a success, raising $1.8 million. The third round of the presale has begun, allowing investors the chance to purchase LHINU token at a price of $0.000095.

The majority of the token supply will be allocated to community members that believe in the project, since 90% of LHINU tokens will be sold during the presale. In addition to ensuring there will be no rugpulling,

this will provide a solid foundation for the project in which the community has a genuine stake in its success. They will only retain 10% of the tokens in order to maintain liquidity, finance exchange listings, and distribute community perks. Guide on how to buy LHINU token here.

Love Hate Inu the Web3 Online Survey Industry Disruptor

Users of the vote-to-earn (V2E) project Love Hate Inu can take part in polls and surveys online. Users receive rewards in the form of digital currency in return for their involvement. Although the idea behind it is similar to the governance procedure that has become standard

among decentralized blockchain projects, it goes further by enabling users to include whatever form of poll or survey they desire. By using blockchain technology, voting in surveys and polls is ensured to be entirely unchangeable, tamper-proof, and verifiably fair.

The vote’s results would be made public, impervious to manipulation, and entirely secure as a result. To be eligible to vote, participants must stake their tokens for at least 30 days. This method was put in place to stop spam bots from trying to tamper with the voting results.

The voting power of LHINU users will increase as they stake more tokens and over a longer period of time. Love Hate Inu will therefore be of enormous benefit to Web3 initiatives and businesses looking to gather honest, sincere input on a range of issues.


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