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New Blockchain Network Helps Workers Store and Verify Career Credentials

Canaan and Northern Data Join Hands to Work on AI, Blockchain and Datacenters
Canaan and Northern Data Join Hands to Work on AI, Blockchain and Datacenters

The Velocity Network Foundation, a self-described “frictionless experience to exchange trusted career records, using the power of blockchain,” has launched what it calls the Velocity Network Testnet – a blockchain-powered network that ensures users can “claim and manage their verifiable career credentials,” a press release notes.

Not only will this help employers and employees verify information, but this will also streamline the process of acquiring new workers. All documents are tamperproof, and employers can ensure that all worker information is verified, the release mentions.

Some features the platform will offer users:

  • Credential Agent Appliance: The software appliance run by HCM, Education Tech and other systems employed by issuers and verifiers of credentials to enable issuing, revoking, sharing and verification protocols.
  • Individual’s Self-Sovereign Digital Wallet: A mobile application that allows individuals to claim and share their verifiable credentials, skills and experiences. This digital wallet is also available to Foundation members for white labeling and customization.
  • Blockchain Utilization: The consensus network is operated by Foundation members, each running the immutable system of records that holds the cryptographic keys to validate credentials and ensure the secure, trusted exchange of data.
  • Industry Standards Compliance: Velocity Network is compliant with industry standards, including W3C Verifiable Credentials, Open Badges, CLR, W3C DID and more.

The Velocity Network Foundation has also brought new members into its fold: Emsi and the Credential Engine.

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