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Miami’s Mayor Suarez Reveals Pro-Crypto Legislation Is In The Works

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Miami Mayor Pushes For Choice Between Cash Or BTC Salaries
Miami Mayor Pushes For Choice Between Cash Or BTC Salaries

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Francis Suarez has been the city of Miami’s mayor since the year of 2017. However, now the man stands with an ambitious goal of making Miami the go-to spot in terms of the blockchain and crypto industry.

Re-Affirming Positive Crypto Sentiments

Suarez had given an interview with Forbes, who published it on Sunday. In this interview, Mayor Suarez highlighted how Miami lawmakers were taking a hard look into the crypto-friendly policies areas, New York and Wyoming being two of them. This all comes in an effort from the city in order to encourage crypto and blockchain-related regulatory incentives within Florida at large.

Suarez explained that his city is making sure that it becomes one of the most progressive cities in terms of crypto legislation. Suarez gave an interesting statement, claiming that his city will win if “all things are equal” among other areas.

As such, Suarez states that these new legislative actions planned will be to make the fight fair for Miami. He stated that he wants no easily changeable legislation to be the cause of disadvantage for Miami and an advantage for another competitor in the crypto space.

Suarez: This Isn’t An Arms Race

It should be noted that Mayor Suarez refrained from describing this competition between jurisdictions as a race for the regulatory winner between lawmakers. Instead, he gave the mandatory kind words for Wyoming, describing them as being “smart” in their attraction of crypto firms. However, he argued that every city within the world at large needs to be actively working towards growing its technology ecosystem.

As such, the mayor stated that his team is hard at work ensuring the incentives are set in place to promote crypto and blockchain, and further stressing their regulation must be ensured to be forward-thinking.

Miami Poised For Crypto Hub Status

Mayor Suarez has made a number of bullish statements for the crypto space at large throughout these recent weeks. Of these statements is the consideration of allowing Miami’s city employees to get paid by way of Bitcoin as opposed to USD. Further proposals are trying to make Miami citizens pay the local taxes and fees by way of crypto, as well as designating a portion of the city’s treasury into Bitcoin. Of those three tasks, he described the last one as the hardest one to achieve.

As a testament to his ambitions, Mayor Suarez has already been in talks with a number of significant figures within the crypto space at large. These include Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, the co-founders of the Gemini crypto exchange. In a public statement, Tyler Winklevoss went as far as to declare that Suarez was a trailblazer for governments to follow.

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