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Coinbase Study Reveals Schools Are Getting Ready For Crypto and Blockchain Education

A new Coinbase study has revealed that academics are more interested than ever in cryptocurrency and blockchain, reports CoinDesk.

When taking a look at the top 50 universities in the world as listed by the U.S. News & World Report, they noted that more than half, 56% of it, offer classes that teach the decentralized technology. This is higher than the 46% from the year before.

Qriously partnered with the cryptocurrency exchanges to find this information, who also made sure to ask 732 students over age 16. As of now, they found that 6 more percent of them were interested in the digital assets than last year, totaling 34%.

Notably, Coinbase also made sure to point out that these aren’t traditional cryptocurrency classes. Nope, instead, 70% of them consist of this technology within engineering, law, and other related classes.

Finally, the study revealed that a vast majority of these universities had student-run clubs associated with blockchain as well.

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