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MetaMask Co-Founder Comes Out Against Apple Ban – Who Will Back Down?

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Dan Finlay, the co-founder of MetaMask and a former employee of Apple, thinks that the crypto sector should completely abandon the App Store because of Apple’s 30% in-app purchase tax, which he calls “an abuse of monopoly.”

Finlay responded to the news that Apple had previously restricted Coinbase’s iOS Wallet software unless it disabled NFT transfer functionality by writing, “I’ll stand in solidarity here.”

On Thursday, Coinbase’s Wallet made the announcement that customers will no longer be capable of trading or transferring NFTs using its iOS app. The company said that even if it desired to pay the “Apple tax,” it would be unable to do so since Apple is not linked with blockchains such as Ethereum.

Finlay tweeted today, “I suppose [MetaMask] along with every other cryptocurrency is next.” “I am prepared to abandon the Apple ecosystem.” The 30% charge is monopolistic abuse.

To avoid the Apple Tax, MetaMask Offers a New Service

What this would imply for existing MetaMask iOS app users is unknown. “As of now, Metamask stays in the app store,” Finlay said in an email to Decrypt, “but we will closely watch the situation in the next weeks and months to guarantee our customers continue to have easy access to their crypto assets.”


Finlay added further detail to his tweets about his thoughts on Apple’s new rules. “We are saddened to see that apps and services are becoming stringent gatekeepers, not only impeding growth but also providing a platform for censorship,” he added. “We think that as a community, we should band together with others to find a practical solution so that the technology can advance and end users may continue to transact freely.”

Finlay is by no means the first proponent of cryptocurrency to criticize Apple’s policies. Tim Sweeney, the CEO of Epic Games, and Ryan Wyatt, the CEO of Polygon Studios, both expressed equal degrees of displeasure, mostly with the 30% in-app sales tax.

Many cryptocurrency firms are running into Apple’s tax blockage and are being rejected or deleted from the iOS App Store as they attempt to add functionality to their web applications to provide consumers with an opportunity to have browser-only experiences.

MetaMask Co-Founder Comes Out Against Apple Ban


In a world that is becoming more digital, such regulations may seem arbitrary. Crypto firms including OpenSea and Coinbase are not permitted to sell digital items without even being subject to tax, yet businesses like Amazon are permitted to sell actual things through their services without even being subject to tax. The actual art is not taxed, but digital art (when exchanged as an NFT) is.

Instagram, which just introduced in-app NFTs, will apply Apple’s 30% tax to every NFT transaction, which will make consumers considerably less likely to make mobile purchases.

Apple informed Decrypt in response to an earlier request for comment that all applicants for inclusion in the App Store must follow the same rules.

A reference to Section 3.1.1 of the Android App Rules was also made, which specifies that “apps may not employ their techniques to unlock information or capabilities, such as licensing keys, virtual or augmented markers, QR codes, currencies as well as cryptocurrency wallets, etc.”


Apps are permitted to “use in-app purchases to offer and sell services connected to non-fungible currencies (NFTs), like minting, displaying, and transferring,” according to Apple’s guidelines, although all of them will be subject to the 30% tax.

What is Metamask? A brief introduction


The Metamask cryptocurrency is essentially a crypto account that accepts both ERC-20 and ETH-based tokens, such as the ERC-721. It may be installed similarly to any other Chrome extension because it is accessible as a plugin for your browser. Interestingly, after downloading the Metamask Browser extension or Firefox extension, you may experience a smooth connection to every Ethereum-based decentralized app. With the wallet, you may quickly access any decentralized application, such as yield subsistence protocols as well as NFT markets.

The availability of a virtual interface from the perspective of plugins makes it easier for you to utilize MetaMask. Its acceptance rates are rapidly increasing, and this is probably one of the key reasons why. As the requirement for a decentralized web grows, MetaMask may serve as a gateway for you into a contemporary paradigm with tremendous possibilities for dApps, web browsing, DeFi, and blockchain technology.

As the reliable blockchain network for the creation of decentralized financial or DeFi apps, Ethereum has demonstrated rapid growth. In addition, Ethereum is the preferred platform for NFT development, which has been incredibly popular in recent years. The desire for decentralized applications (dApps) is made abundantly obvious by the case of CryptoKitties, which brought down the Ethereum network.

MetaMask stands out as a possible option since many people have trouble connecting with dApps as well as tokens on the blockchain. It primarily aims to lower entry barriers for dApps and introduce the decentralized web to a wider audience.


When you consider how easy it is to connect to dApps as well as the growing DeFi ecosystem, MetaMask offers a lot of intriguing benefits. Additionally, since new dApps are created to be compatible with the wallet, it opens up more possibilities for integration. On the contrary, it is also acceptable to question issues like “is Metamask safe?” particularly given that the platform saves users’ private keys in their browsers. As a result, you may be required to give up some security in exchange for dApps that are easier to use and engage with.

The areas of cryptocurrency, DeFi, and decentralized web solutions are all steadily growing, changing how people engage with technology. Accessing and controlling your crypto assets is now possible with the help of crypto wallets. On the other side, MetaMask offers a reliable chance to easily access the DeFi, NFT, and dApp markets.

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