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Meta Masters Guild Presale Raises $2.8 Million — Should Investors Invest Now or Wait?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Participate in the Meta Masters Guild Presale
Participate in the Meta Masters Guild Presale

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The fourth stage of the presale for Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) is almost over. An amount to the tune of $2.8 million has been raised by MEMAG in a matter of weeks, thanks to the enthusiasm of both players and backers for the organization that promises to be 2023’s most rapidly expanding Play-To-Earn guild.

A price hike for Meta Masters Guild is imminent as the fourth stage is about to end in a few days and the fifth stage of the presale will start with the token price increasing to $0.019. As a result, you should not procrastinate any longer if you want to secure a lucrative investment opportunity at the lowest price and position yourself to reap 10x the invested amount.

Meta Masters Guild Is Taking a Different Approach to Entice Gamers

In the end, many P2E programmers care solely about the amount of money they are making without focusing on the user or gaming experience. They say P2E is totally different from traditional gaming, where the industry behemoths make billions of dollars annually, but in reality, the two aren’t that dissimilar. Yes, they offer a method for gamers to gain benefits and make use of their games in the real world. In fact, the entire foundation is the basic idea of P2E.

Most of these studios, however, have a narrow emphasis, namely the monetization of their games. They claim this is necessary so that participants receive enough compensation for the resources they invest in the system. Developers choose this route because they know it will net them more money in the long run.

Meta Masters Guild is not like other groups. In several respects, they have designed games with a user-centric approach. This has been their motto since the beginning of the project.

Initially, they are adopting a more Play-and-Earn (P&E) strategy for Web3 gaming, implying that they prioritize making games that players like above all else, and they aren’t letting the guild’s remarkable revenue algorithms, tokenization, or blockchain inclusion stand in the middle of that goal. Sure, all that stuff is there, but gamers are what really make the guild click.

Furthermore, there is no initial financial commitment needed to begin playing and earning in Meta Masters Guild. As an alternative, anyone can be a part of MEMAG without paying any fees upfront, play the games on the platform of their choice, and start earning prizes on the spot. The reasoning underlying this is that participants should be rewarded appropriately for their participation in the ecosystem, as this participation has worth to the participants themselves.

The uniqueness of Meta Masters Guild lies in the fact that it is designed with gamers in mind and not as an afterthought.

Offers a Plethora of Games for Players to Try Out

The vast selection of games available to Meta Masters Guild users is another notable aspect of the platform. The makers are not concentrating on a particular genre of game, but they are developing a large variety of games which will appeal to a wide audience.

While having so many options is excellent, it’s simple to see how things may rapidly become fragmented. Concerns about the earning process have been allayed, however, thanks to the work done by Meta Masters Guild.

Gems are the universal in-game currency for rewarding various forms of achievement across games. In turn, these Gems may be swapped for $MEMAG tokens, which can be used to make further investments in the system or converted into Ethereum or USDT. This is the kind of cutting-edge blockchain integration that is quickly making Meta Masters Guild a household name in the Web3 gaming world. If this vital component of the ecosystem is missing, MEMAG risks the same fate as many other crypto games before it.

Instituting a Recurring Investment Flow for Players

The players that use Meta Masters Guild are establishing a virtuous circle of investment in their environment. Due to the low barrier to entry presented by the lack of a monetary outlay, more individuals will give it a shot. People are more inclined to stick around if they may pick from a variety of activities rather than just one game.

People are more willing to keep putting in work and resources (including their own) into the ecosystem if they see a return on their investment. Several years following the game’s release, this is the kind of cycle that every Web3 game creator would kill for. Even though it’s still in the early phases of pre-sale, the environment that Meta Masters Guild has built is cyclical.

Meta Masters Guild is increasing the long-term worth of the platform by increasing the likelihood of a big, diversified, and captive gaming community. Therefore, early owners of the $MEMAG token accurately anticipated that the token’s value would climb over time.

Final Word — Should You Invest Now or Wait?

Now is definitely the right time for investors to invest in this presale token. Despite popular belief, Meta Masters Guild is not your average Web3 game. As a result, your notions of what a Web3 game can be have been utterly transformed. It’s made with gamers in mind from the beginning, as it should be for a project of this nature. All of these factors are combining to make the gaming community increasingly invested in the platform over time, which in turn will enhance the $MEMAG token’s value in the long run.

Stage 4 of the presale is almost over, and Stage 5 will begin soon. This means that Meta Masters Guild has very little time to prepare for this. Don’t wait too long, because the next presale stage will raise the price from $0.016 to $0.019. Visit the official website today.

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