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Meme Coin $ETHEREUM Trending On DEXTools – HarryPotterTrumpHomerSimpson777Inu Price Prediction

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Meme Coin $ETHEREUM Trending On DEXTools - HarryPotterTrumpHomerSimpson777Inu Price Prediction
Meme Coin $ETHEREUM Trending On DEXTools - HarryPotterTrumpHomerSimpson777Inu Price Prediction

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The Cryptonews YouTube channel reviewed new trending meme coin HarryPotterTrumpHomerSimpson777Inu (ETHEREUM), its performance since its August 13 Uniswap listing, and their price prediction for $ETHEREUM.

The analysis highlighted how the coin’s name creatively merges pop culture elements, emphasizing its potential for both amusement and speculative investment. For valuable insights into the most promising memecoins to consider purchasing, refer to our guide available here.

HarryPotterTrumpHomerSimpson777Inu price prediction

An in-depth exploration is conducted into the emerging cryptocurrency, HarryPotterTrumpHomerSimpson777Inu (ETHEREUM). This novel coin has gained significant attention in recent days, captivating the interest of both cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors.

Officially launched on August 13, 2023, and currently trading at $0.005447, the token has rapidly achieved a market capitalization of $5.52 million. The parallel between this coin’s journey and the meteoric rise of Bitcoin and XRP is evident.

Bitcoin’s surge from a $200,000 market cap to a staggering $156 million, along with XRP’s impressive jump from $2 million to $50 million, invites speculation on whether HarryPotterTrumpHomerSimpson777Inu (ETHEREUM) could achieve similar milestones.

The intriguing possibility of a Binance listing contributes to the excitement surrounding this emerging cryptocurrency. Positioned as the fifth most trending coin, the token boasts $250,000 worth of liquidity, a total supply of 990.20 million coins, and an expanding community of 1400 holders.

Notably, the liquidity has been secured and the contract has been renounced, fostering a sense of confidence among potential investors. Keep in mind that, as highlighted by the audit scan on DEXTools, there are certain concerns with regards to $ETHEREUM, including alerts about trading cooldowns and potential red flags associated with various features within the smart contracts.

Audit scan on dextools

Operational under a buy-sell tax structure with an approximate 2% rate, HarryPotterTrumpHomerSimpson777Inu $ETHEREUM incentivizes long-term holding. Despite occasional skepticism and attempted FUD campaigns (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt), the core attributes of the project appear to be strong and devoid of any “honey pot” elements.

buy and sell tax

The technical evaluation reveals a notable DEX score of 84 out of 99, indicative of strong community engagement. The coin’s trading value of 45 recently surpassed a key resistance level, signaling a potential shift towards a bullish trajectory.

Historical analysis suggests that breaking substantial resistance often propels coins into phases of parabolic growth. A significant increase in trading volume has coincided with the recent price increase, further supporting the breakout’s validity.

With a 24-hour trading volume of 2.21 million and a notable 47,000 volume traded within the past hour, market sentiment seems to be in line with positive developments. While the potential for sustained growth and a subsequent price surge is apparent, cautious optimism is recommended.


In the cryptocurrency realm, history demonstrates that price pullbacks following a breakthrough are not uncommon and often precede consolidation phases before potential upward movement. HarryPotterTrumpHomerSimpson777Inu (ETHEREUM) stands as a compelling case study in the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency.

Its incorporation of pop culture elements, coupled with impressive liquidity and a burgeoning community, suggests an intriguing trajectory ahead. However, as with any investment in the volatile cryptocurrency domain, due diligence and prudent consideration are imperative. For more new projects soon to launch on Uniswap, see our articles on the best crypto presales to invest in now.


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