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MakerDAO announces Endgame upgrade with AI features

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MakerDAO announces Endgame upgrade with AI features
MakerDAO announces Endgame upgrade with AI features

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MakerDAO, a decentralized platform behind the DAI stablecoin, has released an extensive roadmap for a leading update known as Endgame. This update aims to boost the gaming platform’s efficiency by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) features.

MakerDAO release plan for a major Endgame update

According to the decentralized platform, Endgame is an important update to boost the platform’s efficiency, resilience, and participation. The update will come with AI features that will be used to promote openness and scalability.

The short-term plan for this update is for MakerDAO to become the largest-used stablecoin project within three years. A forum post says that the upgrade will necessitate using a new blockchain. The platform will be coupled with Ethereum to boost governance security and support advanced features and tokenomics.

“Endgame will streamline and parallelize the Maker Ecosystem, launching a new unified brand identity and the flagship release of 6 new SubDAOs that can be farmed by users and that will spearhead permissionless innovation and collateral allocation,” said the MakerDAO co-founder, Rune Christensen.

The beta launch for this update is expected to come in the next few months, and it will focus on creating a unified brand for this ecosystem. The upgrade will not alter the dynamics of the DAI stablecoin and the MKR token. However, the upgrade will support an upgrade to new versions referred to as NewStable and NewGovToken.

NewStable is an ERC20 wrapper with the same features as the Dai stablecoin. On the other hand, the NewGovToken is another version of the MKR token, but the supply is significantly higher.

According to Christensen, Maker, and DAI were some of the most popular brands in the cryptocurrency industry. However, the brands have limitations, such as combining two separate brands instead of a single joint brand. However, the Endgame upgrade is aimed at solving the issue.

After the end of the beta phase, the consecutive phase will support the launch of six SubDAOs functioning as decentralized and specialized units of the MakerDAO ecosystem. The plan is to lower the costs and the complex nature of daily operations and delegate the risk and the bulk nature of the complexities.

MakerDAO upgrade to integrate AI

The third phase of this upgrade will introduce AI tools needed for governance monitoring and improving the services available on the platform. The fourth phase will also unveil a program containing governance incentives. The fifth and final phase will involve creating a new blockchain called NewChain.

The chain will also come with the ability to use hard forks as a governance mechanism. Some features will also support optimization as a backend for AI-supported DAO governance processes and those using AI tools. The features will also include smart contract generation, state rent, and an in-protocol MEV capture.

Christensen said that the release of NewChain will mark the final phase of this upgrade. After the upgrade has been deployed, MakerDAO will enter into the Endgame State, and additional changes will no longer be possible. The CEO said the crucial processes and the balance of power were still decentralized, immutable, and self-sustainable.


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