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Majority of Digital Crypto Exchanges Adhere to Regulations

Majority of Digital Crypto Exchanges Adhere to Regulations
Majority of Digital Crypto Exchanges Adhere to Regulations

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With the ongoing requests to have all clarity on all data, crypto data distributor, CoinMarketCap has stated that the majority of exchanges that are registered are compliant. The launch of the enterprise known as the Data Accountability and Transparency Alliance (DATA), came on the back of the growing necessity for data protection.DATA stressed the importance of uncompromising declarations to encompass both live trading and all data recorded in the order books.

Information gleaned from providing the neutral, correct, and prompt details will afford those users on the site the opportunity of making a more informed decision based on the information and data provided by CoinMarketCap.

The global head of marketing at CoinMarketCap, Carylyne Chan, made if very clear that there will be new and very specific standards outlining the strict and tangible rules for anyone wishing to register on CoinMarketCap. The company is looking to cover every option with the goal set as the registration of all projects and digital crypto exchanges on CoinMarketCap.

Launch of DATA

CoinMarketCap, when launching data, notified all cryptocurrency exchanges that the required information was to required within 45 days from 1 May 2019. As of the weekend of 14 June 2019, 70.3 percent of all registered exchanges had met and completed the documentation with the necessary information.These exchanges will form part of the computation of the average price and also the number of shares traded in a specific time.

Chan was thrilled with the positive outcome to the DATA initiative, and she believes that by providing this improved data, users will be able to make a more calculated assessment by more effective scrutiny of the benchmarks.

The outcome for non-compliant exchanges

Exchanges that have not fulfilled the requirements of providing the necessary information as per DATA will be registered at the bottom of the rankings underneath the compliant online crypto trading exchanges.

As and when the information is submitted, these exchanges will form part of the list of compliant companies in the appropriate position.

CoinMarketCap requirements

The very brief criteria previously set to qualify for listing will be more extensive. These will be expanded considerably and will include components such as the number of shares traded, public interest, resilience, what the public is looking for, the effect, originality and the opportune moment in the market. Projects that have not met the minimum of criteria will continue to appear on the website and categorized as ‘untracked listings.’ CoinMarketCap will continue to assess the companies in the category of ‘tracked listings’ to identify their effectiveness in the market.

Looking at the internal operations of CoinMarketCap, they will offer an openness about the company and also issue their criteria laid down for deregistration. Of the more common and significant reasons for delisting are low asset value, dubious forms of trading, the closing of operations, submissions that were seen to be underhanded and untruthful and subsequently illegal.

The future of CoinMarketCap and DATA

In mid-July, CoinMarketCap will meet, for the first time, with its associates to discuss DATA and the way forward. The agenda could include the uniformity of definitions, using the application programming interface (API) to display data, and defining the information to be gathered in Phase 2 of DATA.

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