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LecksMoney Crypto Reviews Meme Kombat – New Gaming Crypto Presale

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

LecksMoney Crypto Reviews Meme Kombat – New Gaming Crypto Presale
LecksMoney Crypto Reviews Meme Kombat – New Gaming Crypto Presale

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Crypto YouTube channel LecksMoney Crypto reviewed the new gaming platform Meme Kombat and its native coin $MK, which is one of the best crypto presales to buy right now.

One of the most highly anticipated new gaming platforms in the Web3 space, Meme Kombat, recently made its launch on September 25th and has swiftly garnered the interest of the meme coin community.

Meme Kombat aims to deliver a unique and thrilling gaming experience by harnessing cutting-edge technology and the decentralized capabilities of the Ethereum network.

Meme Kombat presale secures over $400K towards $10 million funding goal

In just a few days since its presale launch, Meme Kombat has already raised over $400k in funds. Users can acquire Meme Kombat’s innovative native token, $MK, at a discounted price of only $1.667, giving the protocol a modest $20 million market capitalization.

As excitement grows surrounding the high upside potential of $MK, rapid progress is anticipated towards the project’s $10 million funding target.

This target involves the sale of 50% of the token’s total supply, with 30% allocated for rewarding $MK stakers and battle participants, 10% designated for Decentralized Exchange (DEX) liquidity, and another 10% for community rewards.

Meme Kombat represents an innovative blend of blockchain technology, AI-driven mechanics, and a gaming approach centered around the community. For valuable insights into the top memecoins to consider for purchase, refer to our available guide here.

An AI-powered gaming platform with staking benefits

Meme Kombat is building an AI-powered game that allows users to place bets on battles between characters representing well-known meme coins. This platform offers a range of betting options, including direct betting, player vs. player (PvP), and player vs. game (PvG), ensuring flexibility for players to wager according to their preferences.

With the system operating on blockchain technology, users can have confidence in the transparency it provides. Unlike many other meme coins, $MK serves a genuine purpose by fueling Meme Kombat’s innovative platform, which bridges the worlds of blockchain-powered GameFi and GambleFi.

These are two of the crypto sector’s fastest-growing niches. Presently, $MK stakers can enjoy an impressive annual percentage yield (APY) exceeding 110%, as stated on the project’s official website.

Presale investors can start earning passive income immediately, as the tokens acquired during the presale are automatically entered into the staking contract.

Although an official Meme Kombat staking dashboard is set to launch in a few weeks, $MK presale buyers can be assured that they will continue to accumulate tokens. If you’re seeking other investment opportunities, take a look at our list of the top crypto ICO’s to consider.

Meme Kombat led by an experienced team, packed with potential in the meme coin space

Meme Kombat is led by an experienced team, with Matt Whiteman as the founder, who previously served as CEO at Phat Loot DeFi. This experienced team sets Meme Kombat apart from other meme coin projects, which often have less-experienced leaders.

After the launch, Meme Kombat plans to keep improving the platform by adding new features, making upgrades, and listening to the community’s feedback. In quarter four of 2023, they’ll introduce Season 2, which will offer more and better experiences and new characters.

Looking ahead, the team has big plans, such as new gameplay modes, partnerships, and other exciting developments. As Meme Kombat becomes more established, they plan to list it on major exchanges to make it more accessible. 

Given its strong presale, Meme Kombat seems well-prepared for possible listings on major exchanges later this year. Take part in the $MK presale at


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