Leaders in the Crypto Industry Amassing Support for a New Derivatives Platform

US Federal Banks Can Now Hold Stablecoin Reserves
US Federal Banks Can Now Hold Stablecoin Reserves

A new non-custodial derivatives platform, Leverj, recently announced its cooperation with some of the biggest and most notable entities in the crypto industry. The platform, based on an Ethereum sidechain, is preparing the marketing and its official launch.

New Non-Custodial Derivatives Platform Gathering Supporters

The new exchange will offer ETH and BTC perpetual swaps, and it will also accept DAI and USDT as settlement and margin currencies.

The platform also uses its own Plasma-based scaling solution called Gluon, in order to achieve the level of performance necessary for trading. This system was specifically created for non-custodial, high-performance trading. Also, similarly to other Plasma-based systems, this one also relies on the Ethereum network’s security in order to guarantee the safety of the funds.

It is crucial for the platform to have a successful launch, and to ensure it, it decided to accept help from a number of major crypto industry participants. Through them, the exchange will be able to ensure liquidity and market support.

One entity whose help the exchange accepted is a crypto analytics firm, Brave New Coin. This is the exchange’s main backer right now, and it will provide help with the main market strategy. Another entity that will assist the platform is BNC’s sister company, Techemy Capital. This firm will help by becoming Leverj’s major investor.

Then, there is CoinShares, which will also help provide market-making and liquidity services for the platform.

Leverj Leads the Charge Towards a New Sector of Crypto and DeFi

Leverj is planning to onboard traders interested in trading derivatives, but without losing custody of the funds.

Techemy Capital’s CEO, Fran Strajnar, was quite excited about the new development. He noted that DeFi derivatives have been a major dream — even before DeFi itself existed as a word. Now, Leverj is about to deliver them, after exploring scalability technology for years, just to make sure that everything will go smoothly.

There is no doubt that the platform is a pioneer in a field that has attracted attention, and that will soon become extremely crowded.

Remember, all trading carries risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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