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LBLOCK V2 Exchange Listing in 7 Hours

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

LBLOCK Gate dot io
LBLOCK Gate dot io

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Lucky Block V2 (LBLOCK), the Ethereum version of its predecessor, is about to be listed on the 5th biggest crypto exchange in the market, i.e., Lucky Block is the fastest coin to reach the billion-dollar valuation, and considering that the coin is not even a year old, it has tremendous growth potential.

With the coin being listed on it would be able to reach an even wider array of investors than it could before. The launch was earlier preponed to August 25, but it has again been shifted to the 1st day of the month of September.

If history is any indicator, the buzz created from this listing would help the coin reach even higher valuations and maybe even cross the current resistance level. This is especially big news for investors who were not able to buy the coin either because of the fear of it not being a success or it simply not being available to them.

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Lucky Block to Enter the Big Leagues

With the coin being listed on ( the 5th biggest crypto exchange on the market), it sure is about to enter the big leagues now. has an interface segmented between professional traders as well as novice traders. It provides its users with on-screen comprehensive charts to have access to as much information as possible before making a potential buying or selling decision.

The platform offers its users a plethora of market options like ETFs, Options, Futures, and derivatives to trade in. The platform is highly secure as it uses 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) and offers its users 24-hour customer help.

It is quite easy to set up an account with the platform. is a centralized trading platform meaning that users are required to provide KYC information while setting up an account with the platform or while trading. only supports transactions in cryptocurrencies. Therefore, if you are a new user, you’d either have to purchase the required cryptocurrencies from other exchanges in exchange for fiat currency or integrate your crypto wallet, which already has a balance. This is not an issue for professionals (who the platform mostly caters to), but it stretches the trading process for novice traders on the platform (who are purchasing a cryptocurrency for the first time).

Might Break the Price Consolidation and Set a New Level of Resistance

Lucky Block traded at a dream rate of $0.1 dollars at the very beginning. But post that, it has had its own share of ups and downs. But with the Lucky Block V2 entering the market paired with its launch on several platforms the coin has been able to bounce back.

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Lucky Block witnessed a price hike of 300% after the announcement of its launch on the MEXC exchange was made to the public. As is an even bigger and more popular exchange than the ones LBLOCK got listed in the past, it is only natural that the coin would witness a meteoric rise in its price, the kind of which it hasn’t witnessed in the past.

The level of support and level of resistance for Lucky Block is $0.002 and $0.004, respectively. The coin’s launch on would help the coin in breaking this consolidation (crossing the level of resistance) and entering a new price consolidation of $0.004 and $0.007. This would increase the profits of its early investors by manifolds.

About Lucky Block and its History

Lucky Block is an NFT Competitions Platform that allows its investors to win regular rewards. It is one of its kind product in the market, and that is probably the reason behind it receiving such a warm reception from its investors. The Lucky Block Telegram community was 40,000 strong, which made it a more trustable option for new buyers.

The first version of the coin was launched on the Binance Secure Chain, and the second one was launched over the Ethereum chain. Both versions are not yet interchangeable, but they will soon be as the team is working on developing an Ethereum bridge. This would be a big deal as investors with the new version of LBLOCK will also be able to participate in regular prize giveaways.

The Launch of the second version of the token has proven to be a move in the right direction both for the investors and the developers. Transactions in the first version of LBLOCK were subject to a tax rate of 12%, which might have acted as a barrier for some potential investors to lock their money in a completely new token in the market.

The second version, however, is free from these taxes motivating new investors to invest in Lucky Block without worrying about the deductions.

The LBLOCK coin has been listed over several exchanges (both centralized and Decentralized). As per its roadmap, the coin is supposed to be listed on a couple of other exchanges in the coming months. This will help increase the reliability and reach of the token.


LBLOCK is about to be listed on one of the biggest crypto exchanges in the world in a span of a few hours. The increased amount of funding from multiple sources will further help in the development of the coin and the Lucky Block Platform as a whole. Investors can also purchase Lucky Block from other exchanges

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