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Invest in the 5 Best Crypto ICOs with High Upside Potential Before October Ends

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

5 Best Crypto ICOs to Invest in 2023 - Investors' Top Picks with High Upside Potential
5 Best Crypto ICOs to Invest in 2023 - Investors' Top Picks with High Upside Potential

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Crypto projects with initial coin offerings can be a great investment alternative to Bitcoin, which is struggling to stay above $34,000. Which of altcoins is the best to buy before the next bull run?

Bitcoin is a well-established cryptocurrency with a large market capitalization, but it has been struggling to maintain its price in recent months. This is due to a number of factors, including rising interest rates, inflation, and concerns about the global economy.

Crypto projects with ICOs offer investors a chance to invest in new and innovative projects with the potential to disrupt the cryptocurrency industry. Investing in new cryptocurrency projects with ICOs can be a great way to buy tokens at a discounted price and capitalize on their high potential upside.

Best crypto presales to invest in now before the upcoming crypto bull run

As we approach 2024, new crypto presales become the top investment choice in the crypto market. In this article, we’ll examine top altcoins that are currently getting strong interest from investors.

Let’s dive in and discover why Bitcoin Minetrix, Meme Kombat, TG.Casino, and two others are the most promising options for achieving 100x returns in 2023 and beyond.

Bitcoin Minetrix

Our top pick for the best initial coin offerings in the crypto world is Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX). This platform is merging the realms of cloud mining and token staking with its stake-to-mine approach. Cloud mining power allows individuals to rent mining power from third-party companies and corporations.

However, this space is rife with unscrupulous entities that deceive investors. Bitcoin Minetrix’s solution is to tokenize cloud mining and grant investors control. Bitcoin Minetrix accomplishes this through the $BTCMTX token. Take a look at our price prediction for Bitcoin Minetrix.

Investors can purchase and stake this native token using an Ethereum-powered smart contract. This allows them to generate passive income and accumulate cloud mining credits. While these ERC-20 tokens aren’t tradable, they can be exchanged within the ecosystem to obtain Bitcoin cloud mining power.

Consequently, investors receive allocated mining times and a share of mining revenues. Not only does Bitcoin Minetrix lower the barrier to entry, but it also improves cost efficiency by utilizing equipment from cloud mining companies.

The $BTCMTX initial coin offering has amassed over $105,000 on its first day and currently garnered over $2.6 million. The total supply of $BTCMTX is 4 billion, with 70% allocated for the presale, which comprises 39 rounds. Bitcoin Minetrix has set a presale hard cap at $32 million. Presently, $BTCMTX is priced at $0.0113.

Invest in $BTCMTX at

Meme Kombat

The next cryptocurrency ICO worth keeping an eye on is Meme Kombat (MK). This innovative project is utilizing blockchain technology to merge memes with competitive battle arenas where you can earn rewards. Check out our price prediction for Meme Kombat.

Meme Kombat will introduce a battle arena where avatars, representing meme coins like Pepe or Wojak, will compete in various environments. With the $MK token, players can stake and bet on these arenas to win exclusive prizes and free tokens.

Right now, you can acquire Meme Kombat tokens for $0.1667 during the ongoing presale round, which has already raised over $800,000. The gaming action will kick off with the launch of the first seasons on Meme Kombat, following the conclusion of the presale.

These seasons will offer diverse betting and wagering options, including Player vs. Player betting, Player vs. Game betting, and side action betting. When you purchase $MK tokens in the presale, your funds will automatically be staked in a staking contract.

As of now, Meme Kombat is providing a 112% staking APY for the presale. To build a dedicated community, Meme Kombat has allocated 50% of the total token supply of 120 million to the public. Half of this supply is available in the presale, with Meme Kombat aiming to raise $10 million.

Another 30% will be distributed through staking and battle rewards, while 10% will be allocated for community rewards. The remaining 10% will be designated for DEX allocation.

To learn more about the full list of crypto presales with unique features, which investors seek, please watch the video above.

Invest in $MK at


TG.Casino is a newly launched online casino platform that has introduced its native token, $TGC, through a presale. With the impending launch of TG.Casino, users stand to gain numerous advantages from holding the $TGC token for the long term.

Currently, $TGC is available at only $0.1375 during the presale. TG.Casino’s token has raised more than $1.5 million in just a few weeks. This native token offers users exclusive access to specific casino games and provides opportunities to win rewards, including free $TGC tokens.

By making a minimum investment of $5,000 in the TG.Casino presale, investors can secure exclusive NFTs and post-launch rewards. The $TGC token also offers substantial staking rewards to token holders. As of now, users can earn an APY of more than 334.94% by staking the token.

Once TG.Casino starts generating profits, a portion will be used to repurchase tokens through a decentralized exchange. Of the tokens repurchased, 40% will be burned to increase the token’s value, while the remaining 60% will be distributed to users through a staking pool.

The casino provides a wide selection of options, including thousands of slots, virtual and live dealers, as well as sports betting. Players can deposit cryptocurrencies anonymously with no fees or limits. Holding $TGC long-term reaps future value benefits.

New players are eligible for a 200% match on their initial deposit, up to 10 ETH, and those who deposit and play with $TGC receive a 25% cashback on their weekly losses.  With TG.Casino accessible via Telegram, users can begin in just minutes without the need for completing a KYC form.

Given Telegram’s vast user base of over 800 million, TG.Casino aims to attract a diverse range of customers by offering robust security and transparency. Check out our TG.Casino price prediction post.

Invest in $TGC at


New Crypto Mining Platform - Bitcoin Minetrix


Bitcoin Minetrix
  • Audited By Coinsult
  • Decentralized, Secure Cloud Mining
  • Earn Free Bitcoin Daily
  • Native Token On Presale Now - BTCMTX
  • Staking Rewards - Over 50% APY
Bitcoin Minetrix

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