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Inery Price Prediction as INR Dumps 9% – Riding the Bearish Wave?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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Inery Token (INR) dumped 9% of its recent gains following the negative market sentiment driven by Bitcoin (BTC) price crash. However, there are some indications that it might reverse in the short run to $0.01900.

Inery: Empowering Decentralized Data Management and Security for the Web3 Era

Inery presents a solution to the critical challenges of decentralized data systems, data management, and security. The platform addresses these concerns with its innovative decentralized data system, consolidating the essence of Web3 into a singular node. This novel network architecture offers businesses and individuals a secure and transparent avenue for data management. It empowers them with complete authority over their information.

Inery advocates for user privacy, impervious to hacking threats, ensuring unfaltering data accessibility and sharing. All the while, it optimizes operational efficiency. Through its decentralized approach, Inery effectively shields user and corporate data against the vulnerabilities inherent in centralized structures. This is while relying on a network of multiple servers (MEM nodes) to ensure resilience and continuity.

INERY’s Rigorous Validator Requirements: A Factor in Limited Popularity

INERY’s stringent validator requirements might explain its comparatively lower popularity. It offers a robust decentralized data system, advanced security, and user autonomy. Becoming an Inery validator involves substantial time, resources, and financial investments.

This intricate process mandates a profound understanding of blockchain technology, consensus algorithms, and security protocols. While these demanding prerequisites ensure the platform’s reliability, they could also deter broader adoption. Potentially, this accounts for its limited prominence in the market and continuous price fall since its launch.

In a recent move, Inery Blockchain unveiled an Ambassador Platform, introducing various earning opportunities. Other value additions include engaging tasks and an upcoming revolutionary app.

This announcement coincided with a 24% surge in the value of the INR token over three days. However, prevailing negative market sentiment led to a 9% loss of these gains.

The downswing is attributed to the broader crypto market’s pessimism driven by Bitcoin’s depreciation. Bitcoin descended below $26,000, hitting its lowest level since June. This followed a move by a Wall Street Journal report indicating SpaceX’s significant Bitcoin write-down and subsequent sale.

This news casts a bearish shadow over crypto, dragging down altcoin prices, including INR tokens.

INR Price Analysis

Based on the H4 chart analysis of INR/USD, short-term price surge signals are emerging. Following a 9% loss in gains accrued over the past three days, INR prices display signs of recovery. The initial support sits at $0.01349, with a potential breach and closure beneath this point carrying the risk of triggering additional price declines. However, the technical indicators present a different perspective.

The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) histograms are positioned above the zero line. An upward-facing RSI indicator, both indicating positive price trend signals, accompanies this. The upcoming challenge lies at $0.01454, where the price surge began three days earlier. Overcoming this obstacle and closing above it could further bolster bullish momentum. Potentially this could propel prices to $0.01956, marking a substantial 41% increase from the current level.

Although the INR coin exhibits mixed signals, another cryptocurrency displays even more vital positive indicators for the future. CHMPZ, the Chimpzee project’s ticker, recently breached the $1.1 million mark in presale sales.

Promising Alternative to INR

Chimpzee (CHMPZ) is a unique initiative addressing climate change and wildlife protection. While doing this, it offers users the chance for passive income. The team’s dedication shines through as they contribute 10% of the token supply and a share of their earnings to organizations focused on these vital concerns. Through proactive ambassadorial and community outreach efforts, Chimpzee emphasizes the significance of fundraising. It also supports raising public awareness for conservation endeavors.

The Dynamic Chimpzee Ecosystem: NFTs, Marketplace, and More

At the heart of Chimpzee’s ecosystem is the vibrant Chimpzee shop – a bustling hub. Here, users dive into NFTs, trading for income via fees—the standout: Zero Tolerance Game, boosting eco preservation. Players earn CHMPZ tokens by hitting in-game goals.

Unlocking Exclusive Opportunities with Chimpzee NFT Passports

Chimpzee NFT passport holders gain exclusive perks, boosting passive income and CHMPZ accumulation. Chimpzee plans an AI-driven app for personalized AI avatars, available post-presale.

Presale Phases and Exclusive Access

Chimpzee’s ongoing presale has gathered $1.24M of a $1.85M target. It offers 40 billion tokens at $0.00085. It will gradually edge towards $0.00095 and stabilize at $0.00185 post-listing. Exclusive Diamond NFT passport access is for early presale investors. A whitelist event precedes the public NFT passport launch. Unsold Diamond NFTs are open to the public later. Regular NFT passports, too, go to presale investors with a similar whitelist event and a chance for unclaimed ones.

Chimpzee Diamond NFT passports are truly rare, exclusively for initial presale participants. The CHMPZ coin supply might drop up to 10% as they’re used for Diamond NFT passports.

Visit Chimpzee here

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