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Chimpzee Presale Review – How to Buy & Early Bird Token Price

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Chimpzee Presale Review - How to Buy & Early Bird Token Price
Chimpzee Presale Review - How to Buy & Early Bird Token Price

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YouTuber Jacob Bury reviewed the Chimpzee presale and how to buy CHMPZ, its native token as an early investor. The urgency for immediate action has heightened given the increasing danger presented by climate change. Our ecosystems are on the brink of collapse, and our wildlife is under constant threat.

Chimpzee steps in to address this critical situation by harnessing the transformative potential of Web3 and blockchain innovations to bolster various conservation initiatives. Its primary objective is to protect and preserve the Earth’s diminishing biodiversity while offering its holders an advanced form of passive income.

Investors Flock to Chimpzee Crypto Presale with 125% Bonus

Get your hands on bonus CHMPZ tokens for free, up to 125% of your total purchase, exclusively available during the presale. The presale will be split into phases, with the initial stage offering CHMPZ tokens at the most affordable price. The Chimpzee has already raised an impressive $873,000 during their seventh stage of the presale.

Additionally, users can opt to buy the high-paying Chimpzee Diamond NFT passport. Limited in quantity, those who miss the presale will have to pay a higher price later and wait for the presale investors-only whitelist NFT passport prelaunch.

Moreover, exclusive access to the Chimpzee Diamond NFT passport will be granted solely to participants in the first round. In the event of unsold CHMPZ tokens or Chimpzee NFT passport payments, up to 10% of the total CHMPZ supply have been burned.

The team’s focus will shift to securing listings on multiple exchanges after the presale commences. Technical advancements are also on the horizon for quarter three of 2023, including the Chimpzee shop, NFT minting platform, and staking engine. The second half of the year will mark the debut of the first CEX listing.

Unlike the majority of other presales with charitable purposes, Chimpzee doesn’t wait until its presale campaign is over to address environmental issues. In fact, it has already donated over $35,000 to various causes, resulting in the planting of more than 20,000 trees worldwide.

The project’s early efforts received recognition from the WILD Foundation through a thank-you video. The Chimpzee project’s management team has a comprehensive list of organizations they plan to support, demonstrating their commitment to transparency. To purchase CHMPZ easily and quickly, follow these steps:

  • Download a free cryptowallet, such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet, that supports ERC-20 tokens.
  • Fund your crypto wallet with ETH or USDT tokens.
  • Connect your crypto wallet to the Chimpzee presale and swap tokens for CHMPZ. After the presale, you can claim your Chimpzee coins.

Watch the video above for a detailed update on Chimpzee’s presale, and subscribe to his YouTube channel for more crypto-related content. Jacob Crypto Bury also manages a Discord server with 16,000 members, offering a space for users to exchange trading tips and stay informed about upcoming crypto presales.

Advancing into the Future with the Chimpzee Ecosystem

Within the realm of crypto, mere holding and trading prove inadequate. Successful endeavors leverage technology to establish comprehensive ecosystems. The CHMPZ ecosystem is where Chimpzee establishes its mark. Investing in the CHMPZ ecosystem means more than just financial involvement; it entails active participation, contribution, and creation.

It forms an interconnected web of opportunities that fosters extensive user engagement and spurs action within this unique digital terrain. The CHMPZ ecosystem thrives on three main components, which support this engaging environment:


The store presents users with a Shop-to-Donate feature, along with Shop-to-Earn rewards in CHMPZ tokens for each transaction. A portion of every purchase goes towards supporting organizations dedicated to environmental preservation.

Moreover, users can utilize their earned CHMPZ coins to unlock discounts and exclusive deals within the ecosystem. Chimpzee NFT passport holders enjoy additional perks, as they can earn even more CHMPZ coins and gain exclusive access to special promotions.


Within Chimpzee’s Play2Earn section, players engage in the “Zero Tolerance” game, which not only offers excitement but also promotes environmental protection. As players reach specific milestones, they are rewarded with CHMPZ coins. The game’s “Zero Tolerance” stance perfectly aligns with Chimpzee’s mission to stand against the exploitation of our natural environment.


All users, including buyers and sellers, gain benefits from each transaction on Chimpzee’s NFT Marketplace, as a portion of the trading fee revenues is distributed among them. This means that customers receive a share of the profit simply for having a Chimpzee NFT passport or engaging in active trading on the marketplace.

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CHMPZ Token Allocation – Fair Distribution

To ensure the long-term viability and sustainability of the Chimpzee project, the distribution of CHMPZ coin is carefully planned. A significant portion, accounting for 45% of the token supply, is allocated to the community through the public sale.

Another 15% is designated for the marketing department to expand Chimpzee’s reach and raise awareness of its goals and benefits. To ensure liquidity and success, 10% of the CHMPZ tokens are set aside for exchange and liquidity purposes.

Additionally, 10% of the tokens are devoted to charitable causes, supporting initiatives for environmental and animal conservation. To fuel the ongoing expansion and improvement of the Chimpzee platform, 10% is allocated for development.

Recognizing the value of community engagement, 5% of the token supply is reserved for community awards, promoting and appreciating active participation. Lastly, 5% of the tokens are set aside as a reserve for the team, locked for a two-year period, exemplifying their commitment and long-term belief in the project.


Chimpzee presents a valuable investment opportunity, poised to capitalize on lower interest rates amid decreasing inflation. Investors benefit from its unique blend of financial returns and environmental dedication.  This is the perfect time to participate, earn tokens, and contribute to shaping a sustainable future while also positioning your portfolio for success.

However, it’s essential not to delay, as CHMPZ is approaching the $1 million threshold, and analysts anticipate significant growth beyond that point. Take part in the CHMPZ presale at


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