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Investors Flock to Chimpzee, Web3’s Prominent Charity Project, as it Nears $750K with Time-limited NFT Perks and Token Bonus Offer

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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Chimpzee, which is being touted by crypto experts as one of the hottest charity-focused web3 projects of the year, is generating waves in the crypto space. 

The project’s highly sought-after presale, which analysts at reputable news outlets such as and Business 2 Community rank as one of the year’s best presale opportunities, is about to scorch past the $750,000 mark. 

Chimpzee is a disruptive crypto platform that allows its users and supporters to earn a passive income whilst simultaneously saving animals and fighting climate change. 

The charity-focused web3 platform is set to feature a shop-to-earn Chimpzee merchandize store, a trade-to-earn non-fungible-token (NTF) marketplace and a play-to-earn game called “Zero Tolerance”.

Potential investors have no time to lose to get involved in the presale, given its their last chance to secure a big token bonus. 

If buyers get involved before the $750,000 milestone is hit, they can receive a bonus of up to 300% in additional $CHMPZ tokens. 

Moreover, when this milestone is hit, Chimpzee will be making a donation related to helping protect black jaguars. 

In addition to a massive potential token bonus, potential investors should note that Stage 6 of the presale is set to end in one day, or when the $864,500 mark is hit (which ever comes first). 

When Stage 6 ends, the $CHMPZ token price will rise from $0.00067 to $0.0007. 

Moreover, to boost its ecosystem utility, Chimpzee is going to launch an NFT collection following the conclusion of the presale called Chimpzee NFT Passports.

When stage 6 ends, presale investors will also lose the right to mint the highest tier of Chimpzee’s exciting collection. 

The so-called Diamond Chimpzee NFT Passport offers its holders the highest staking yields and best perks.

Early investors will be able to secure their Diamond Chimpzee NFT Passports in an exclusive whitelist event at the end of the presale and prior to the platform’s public launch.

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Discover How Chimpzee is Making a Positive Impact on the Planet

Even though the presale isn’t over yet and true to its core mission, Chimpzee is already making big moves to help save the planet. 

As of Friday, Chimpzee has already donated more than $35,000 to charity and helped plant over 20,000 trees.

And in recognition of the project’s early efforts, it has already received a heart-warming thank you video from WILD Foundation.

Chimpzee has an extensive list of organizations that it plans on donating to which can be found here.

10% of Chimpzee’s total token supply will be made available for these charities following the conclusion of the presale and after the launch of the token, which will ensure the funds keep flowing to good causes.

Listed charities will also benefit from a percentage of the profits generated via merchandise sales from the Chimpzee shop.

In that sense, not only is the shop a shop-to-earn experience, with users being rewarded with $CHMPZ tokens for every purchase, but it is also a shop-to-donate experience.

Chimpzee is currently in the second phase of its roadmap.

Once the presale concludes and $CHMPZ launches, the project team’s focus will shift to launching the Chimpzee shop and developing the NFT minting platform and staking engine.

The NFT marketplace and play-to-earn game will then be developed in later roadmap phases, with Chimpzee intent on continuing with charitable donations through the duration of its roadmap delivery.

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$CHMPZ Poised for Strong Performance

Buying $CHMPZ and getting involved in Chimpzee’s project will clearly do wonders for the environment. 

But $CHMPZ could also prove to be a fantastic addition to a crypto investor’s portfolio.

Investors who get in now will be sat on big paper gains by the time $CHMPZ launches across exchanges. 

Meanwhile, the token’s supply is also deflationary.

Firstly, $CHMPZ tokens used to purchase Chimpzee Passport NFTs will be burnt from circulation.

Secondly, Chimpzee is also burning leftover tokens from each presale stage.

Given we don’t at this stage know how many left over $CHMPZ tokens will be burnt, its tough to make exact forecasts about the token’s future price.

What we can say for sure is that the more tokens get burnt, the better this will be for the token’s price in the long run.

45% of the $CHMPZ supply is available to the public during the presale.

10% is allocated to exchanges and liquidity, 15% to marketing, 10% to development, 5% to community rewards, 5% for the team (locked for 2 years) and, as noted, 10% for charity.

There are no taxes on selling or buying $CHMPZ tokens, or any additional trading fees.

Chimpzee’s team is fully verified by Cyberscope and the project is fully security audited by Solidity Finance.

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